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Why not consider ordering hand-carved ice luges for the event if you’re searching for a distinctive method to entertain your guests, whether it’s at a wedding, birthday, or corporate party? Ice luges are more than simply entertaining; they also provide a unique topic of conversation. We know something about carving ice luges because we are the oldest-existing ice sculpting business in the UK.

What Are Ice Luges?

An ice luge is a new way to have fun with ice. It’s an intricate work of art made out of ice (hence the name), and it has a channel cut into the ice that allows liquids to flow from top to bottom.

At the top of the ice luge, you pour a drink into it and let gravity take over; at the bottom, awaiting glass receives it (or directly into the drinker’s mouth!). Choose your favourite spirits, such as vodka or Jägermeister, and have the bartender fill it with booze while you enjoy it from the other end. They’re sort of like the ice luge event held during Winter Olympics (from which their name derives), but with more beverages involved and less sledging!

Our ice luges are one-of-a-kind, which allows for a wide range of designs. Ice luges can be big or little, table-sized or centrepieces at events, and complicated or basic. A classic ice luge is carved to resemble a toboggan run or slide, but we love to get creative and have carved ice luges into ice bars, ice luges shaped like champagne bottles, and ice luges with bottles of spirits encased within the ice.

How Are Ice Luges Made?

A huge block of ice is required to create an ice luge. We take great pleasure in making the finest ice possible, which is a lot more difficult than it appears. The ice must be crystal clear and able to withstand the heat of the location where it will serve as a grand spectacle. Before we start shaping them into designs, we make our blocks of ice.

The first step is to choose a design. The concept for an ice luge design is usually taken from the party’s theme, customer suggestions, or the creativity and expertise of our ice carvers. We began shaping the ice in our temperature-controlled workshops once we knew what needed to be carved. The equipment we use varies depending on the size and complexity of the design. Ice carvers utilize chisels and chainsaws to rough shape an ice luge before using razor-sharp ice-carving instruments for fine detail work.

What Prevents an Ice Luge from Melting?

The shape of an ice luge is maintained for a short period. Our manufacturing and transportation procedure ensures that your ice luge will be in its best form throughout your event. Sculptures are carved and transported in a temperature-controlled environment. We keep the ice luge wrapped up until the event begins to prevent it from melting.

Place ice luges in colder regions of the event (away from heaters) to slow melting and utilize a drainage system to remove any water that drips from the luge.

Where Can Ice Luges Be Used?

Ice luges are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. We’ve carved bespoke ice luge for weddings, birthdays, business gatherings, and more at Hamilton Ice Sculptors. Our ice luge may be used as a standalone item, incorporated into a larger ice bar set up throughout the event, or built into an enclosure. Ice luge

Contact Hamilton Ice Sculptors

The oldest continuously operating ice-sculpting firm in the United Kingdom, Brian & David has over 40 years of expertise. We’re the UK’s longest-running ice sculptor. As a result, you can trust your ice luge to us.

Our ice luge is bespoke, hand-carved, and made to order. We sculpt a variety of ice features, party sculptures, and ice bars to match any occasion you may have in mind. Call Hamilton Ice Sculptors right now to talk about your ice luge demands with a member of our courteous staff of ice carvers.


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