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Identifying Fake Nike Dunks

by Victor

If you adore Nike, you’re in luck because we’re going to show you how to recognize a fake Nike Dunk. Discover the key distinctions between the actual and fraudulent models by following along.

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The General Appearance Approach (Nike Dunk Low Kentucky Authentication)

Let’s contrast fake and authentic Nike dunk reps with Low Kentucky shoes.

As usual, the first step is to take a general approach.

As you can see, the form of the shoes is the first thing that stands out the most: The imitation has a fairly straight bottom, whilst the original one has a curvier foxing. As shown in the top photo, the toe cap should be pointing up. On the real shoes, the midsole is significantly less than it is in the bottom image. Additionally, the surface should be textured rather than perfectly level like the imitation.

The blue details’ hue is also incorrect; it ought to be vivid.

The replica’s overall appearance is somewhat massive.

The General Appearance Approach (Nike Dunk Low Syracuse Authentication)

When discussing a dunk reps sneakers Syracuse imitation, we must start with the midsole. As you can see, it is far taller than the model in the top image. In the original midsole, the orange portion seems to be “hidden” by the white portion. However, since the orange line is asymmetrical, the replica manufacturers completely missed this effect.

The phony model seems substantially heavier overall than the real one.

The hue is mistakenly more on the spectrum of yellow than blazing orange.

The Iconic Outer Swoosh Method If poorly duplicated, the Nike swoosh does not appear as nice.

Its form is the first significant aspect to discuss. The Swoosh is much bigger at the bottom and becomes thinner as it rises. This contrast is practically absent from the imitation swoosh.

It has also been placed incorrectly. As you can see, the fake swoosh is oddly positioned upward whereas the genuine one virtually makes a 90-degree angle.

Inner Swoosh Technique

The reproduction of the inner swoosh is somewhat flat in comparison to the original. This would also explain the difference in stitching: Because the original swoosh is thick, the threads holding it down may not have been completely straight, which is unquestionably the case in the bottom image where the swoosh is not at all bulky.

The shape, which is significantly curvier on the original shoes, is also much missed.

The color should be bright orange, not faded as it appears in the bottom image.

The Tongue Approach

We urge you to pay great attention to the tongue label while using this technique.

The Nike swoosh, which is longer and thicker on the original label, must be mentioned first.

The Nike dunk reps typeface has also been incorrectly duplicated; it should be very thick, bold, and less skewed than the facsimile.

On the genuine model, the (R) indicators are also considerably larger, making them simpler to read.

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Toe Cap Technique

These models’ toe caps include perforations, which make them both very breathable and stylish at the same time.

First off, the large size and the fact that they have been carved out on the bottom half of the legitimate model show that these holes truly serve a purpose in facilitating smoother back-and-forth airflow.

These holes are useless since they are significantly smaller and seem to lack bottom holes altogether.

The placement of the holes on the original is quite symmetrical, however, the replica producers completely ignored this feature.

The Foot Counter Technique

The genuine heel counter has completely different stitching than the imitation.

On the original shoes, the spaces between each stitch are significantly larger and not as narrow as they seem in the right photographs.

While the copycat company employed strange thick material for their tabs, the authentic shoes had real leather tabs and fake sneakers online.

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