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Indeed Jobs: How to Apply for a Job in 2022

by Marketgit Team

Nowadays it is a very difficult task to search for a new job. Especially, due to this COVID-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate has been increased in the world. When you search for a job online and type your relevant job on Google, it shows multiple classified websites where you can find them easily. But today, I am going to write about the Indeed Jobs platform where you can find relevant jobs. No matter where you are, Indeed Jobs will show you the most appropriate job in your area.

What is Indeed Jobs?

Indeed Jobs is an online job search web portal where it provides and shows the USA jobs in your local region. According to who.is, it was registered in March 1998 and its admin country is the United States. Actually, this is an American website and has awesome features where you can search for a job easily.

A lot of big companies and organizations post job career opportunities and allow applicants to apply online by submitting their CVs.

Indeed Jobs Features and Benefits

Well, many classified sites are working on the internet but they work only in their regional areas. But here the situation is a little bit diverse. Let’s explore the features and benefits:

  • Indeed Jobs which is an online job search portal, it picks up your current location automatically and shows the most similar and related jobs according to your area.
  • If you open the homepage of this site, you see two bold letter words; What and Where in two separate search bars, it means that you don’t need to scroll till bottom. You just need to enter job title, keywords or, company I the What’s bar and city, province or region in the Where’s bar.
  • When you hit the Find Jobs button, most appropriate and most comparable will be displayed on the screen so you can choose and apply for the best one.
  • One amazing feature is that, once you open the homepage, it displays most popular searches just beneath the search bars.
  • Indeed Jobs has a Company reviews header menu link. It means that you can find the great place to work just by typing the company name and checking their reviews.
  • The Company review page helps the applicants to check the company size, revenue, founded year and CEO of the company. At the end of every company’s review, you see a rating graph which shows the overall rating as compared to the previous years.
Indeed Jobs Features and Benefits

In fact, there are so many benefits and features of it. As I discussed in the beginning that Indeed.com works worldwide so it allows job posting in their native languages.

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How to login to Indeed Jobs?

The Indeed login and signup process is pretty simple. Just click on the sign-in button if you already have an account or follow the below steps to create a new one.

  • Click on sign in button and press continue with Google, Apple, Facebook or, type email address manually. Now press the Continue button
  • After that, open your email inbox and verify the link sent by Indeed.com and you are done!
  • Now, you will be redirected to the account setting automatically after hitting the verify link.
  • By default, account type is set as Unknown. Press the See account type
  • Here two options will appear in the same tab; Job seeker (looking for a job) and Employer (hiring, sourcing candidates, or advertising jobs)
  • Choose any account type and press Save. You can add your phone number as well
How to login to Indeed Jobs

How to post a Job on Indeed.com?

However, it is fairly easy to post a job on the Indeed.com website. Just open the site and click Employers/Post Jobs

  • First, enter the company name for which you are posting a job offer
  • Enter your role in hiring the hiring process. Select the role from the drop down options
  • Select the typical hiring budget from the drop down menu
  • Enter the job title and location. You can change the country and job posting language as well
  • Mention that you are hiring to work from home or not and write down the total hires you want to be hired and press Continue

How to apply for a job on Indeed.com?

To apply for a job, just find the indeed jobs near me and click on that job link. First read the job description, role, reviews, salary, and a company overview.

  • Press Apply now button and there will be six different steps to complete by a form
  • In step 1, enter your first name, last name, phone number and, city/state then press Continue
  • Upload your resume file or create online resume and press Continue
  • In the next step, mention your two or three dates for an interview
  • In step 4, enter your previous job title and experience
  • Now, in this step you can add your additional documents like cover letter or other relevant files
  • In the last step, you review your application and check the information that you entered

After all, by reviewing your application in a single form just press the Submit your application or click the Exit button to abort the application. Once you submit your application, you will be notified of the interview as your mentioned dates.

Final word

Searching the jobs online has become a popular way as compared to print media so it is necessary to use an online platform that delivers accurate and most reliable job ads. Indeed jobs is the leading online job search platform across the world.

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