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Indian Designer Dresses from Libas e Jamila

by Uneeb Khan

As you all know Indian clothes online UK are well-known and famous for their color combination. Indian designers have expertise in color combinations. Not only color combination but designing and embroidery is also best. Indians have a large variety of occasional dresses. We have always seen beautiful Indian suits on media and television. Indian wedding dresses have another kind of specialty. People across the world order Indian dresses from India. Nowadays Brides on their weddings style themselves like Indian brides. This is due to beautiful designs and colors. Indian dresses reflect Indian tradition. Saree and Anarkali suits are traditional Indian wear.

What are two special dresses of Indian?

Although all Indian dresses are famous and liked by all. But two Indian dresses have a different kind of importance. These two dresses are;

  1. Lehenga.
  2. Anarkali suits.

1. Lehenga

Lehenga choli is one of the traditional dresses of India. The Indian lehenga is the popular dress of India and it is one of the ancient dresses of India. Indian lehenga suit includes long flared lehenga, short choli, and heavy dupatta. These lehenga cholis are heavily embroidered with beautiful studs. Lehenga is usually flared stitched in panels. Choli is also embroidered and it has half sleeves usually. Lehnga choli can be made in all types of fabrics such as Banarsi, net, chiffon, and silk. People decide themselves that which type of cloth they want to wear. 

2. Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suits include a long frock that is flared from the bottom. It has fitted long sleeves. Anarkali frocks are either paired with churidar shalwar or plazo. Even nowadays, people wear these long Anarkali frocks with lehnga. The origin of the Anarkali dress UK is from the subcontinent.

This Anarkali dress is also an Indian traditional dress. This style is now adopted in other countries as well. Anarkali dress is very comfortable to wear. You can style in different ways. Even brides can wear this dress. You can wear Anarkali dress at any event. It has different styles, simple to heavy depending on embroidery. Anarkali dresses are now worn across the world. Like lehenga choli, the Anarkali dress is also available in different fabrics. Velvet Anarkali dresses are also made. 

How can people outside India get Indian dresses?

There are many brands that are providing Indian dresses to other parts of the world. One of these brands is Libas e Jamila. This brand has its origin in the United Kingdom. This brand provides all types of Indian clothes including lehnga and Anarkali dresses. They sell other Asian clothes as well in the United Kingdom. They also deliver to other parts of the world. It is an international brand with a well-known reputation. Libas e Jamila brand has a huge number of regular customers due to the following reasons;

 1. Good quality

Their clothes are always of good quality. Fabric does not faint after washing. Fashion Brand deliver clothes in high-quality packaging to avoid any damage to the cloth during the delivery process. They have no history of providing damaged clothes. We make sure to provide the best quality clothes. No matter what, quality always remains at first. if you are investing somewhere then make sure to invest in the good stuff. 

2. Reasonable rates

 The second reason for their high number of customers is low rates. Their rates are not high but are very reasonable according to the clothes quality and design. When we order online, rates are too high but Libas e Jamila charges very low. Moreover, their delivery charges are also low. They offer free delivery to United Kingdom customers. For the rest of the country, their delivery charges are low. 

3. Range of clothes

This brand does not only have women’s clothes. They sell men’s clothes and children’s clothes also. In the women section, they have many categories such as shalwar kameez, occasional dresses and casual dresses. They have a variety of Indian dresses including lehenga choli, Sharara, saree, and Anarkali dresses. Indians in other countries face difficulties in finding their traditional outfits. If you are Indian and living abroad then you can buy Indian clothes from this brand. And if you are from the United Kingdom then you don’t have to worry about traditional clothes anymore. They sell the best lehenga in UK and Anarkali suits in the UK.  


Libas e Jamila has a large collection of Indian dresses. This collection includes all types of simple to heavy clothes. People of the United Kingdom can now get Indian clothes at their doorstep at a reasonable price. Indian brides can get the type of dress on their big day in other countries as well. Furthermore, their lehenga is famous in UK and Anarkali suits as well. Their quality is the reason behind their happy customers. And also, their rates are pocket-friendly. 

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