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Is It Necessary To Remove An Old Oil Tank If It’s No Longer In Use

by Victor

Is it necessary to remove an old oil tank if it’s no longer in use? If you have an old oil tank on your property that is no longer in use, you may be wondering if you have to remove it. The answer depends on a few factors which I explain in more detail below.

Environmental Concerns

One of the main reasons to consider removing an old oil tank is for environmental concerns. Over time, oil tanks deteriorate, the average lifespan of a single skin oil tank is 10 years.  If the oil tank is left abandoned there is an increased risk that the tank will leak overtime.

Kerosene is toxic to plants, animals, humans and the environment. If you suspect that your old oil tank has leaked or is leaking, it is important contact a local oil tank removal company and have it removed.

Hazardous Waste Regulations

Another factor to consider is local regulations. Depending on where you live, there may be specific rules and regulations regarding the removal of old oil tanks. For example, in Northern Ireland all oil tanks are considered hazardous waste and must be removed by licensed professional. A consignment number must be purchased from the NIEA and assigned to a pre-notification form notifying the NIEA of your intention to remove the oil tank. The Northern Ireland Environmental Agency can then track the movement of all hazardous waste.

Selling Your Property

If you have plans to sell your property, it may be necessary to remove a decommissioned oil tank. Leaving an abandoned oil tank your property may affect the sale as maybe flagged as an environmental concern during a home buyer survey.

Due to the risk increased of abandoned oil tanks leaking. You maybe liable for costs of oil spill clean up as the oil tank should have been removed prior to the sale of ownership.

Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance policies often require that old oil tanks be removed. This is because oil tanks are deemed an environmental and fire safety hazard. If the tank leaks and causes damage to your property or a neighbours property, you may be held liable for the damages to both properties. You have a legal obligation to remove an oil tank that is no longer in use.

Costs of Removal

The cost of removing an old oil tank varies depending on geographical location, size of the tank and how much heating oil is left in the tank. I quick search using the keyword phrase “oil tank removal (with your location)” will display companies in your local area who remove hazardous waste, including home heating oil tanks.

Removing an Old Oil Tank

Is it necessary to remove an oil tank that is no longer in use? In most cases yes, in certain situations, underground metal oil tanks that are empty of heating maybe filled with concrete. For domestic oil tanks that are above ground in Northern Ireland. You as the homeowner are legally responsible for the oil tank. If the oil storage tank is no longer required due to changing to alternative heating source, then the decommissioned oil tank should be safely removed from your property.

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