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Learn how to become an excellent Traffic Manager

by Uneeb Khan

Do you know what a traffic manager is?  Is it worth investing in this profession?

Discover all the details of this new profession that is gaining great repercussion on the internet.

In the next lines, I will discuss what a traffic manager does.

In addition, you will understand why companies should have this professional on their team.

I’ll also show you whether or not it’s worth dedicating yourself to this new profession.

Soon after, I’ll show you how to start your career as a traffic manager.

What is a traffic manager?  What it does?

A traffic manager is nothing more than someone who manages online ad campaigns on social media.

That is, this professional is responsible for those ads we see on Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube.

The traffic manager not only puts these ads on the air, but also manages them.

But why then is the name traffic manager?

It is because, in a way, this professional directs or induces internet traffic.

It “moves” the social network user to any other page.

Which can even be an e-commerce page, a registration page for an event, or even a sales page.

That’s where the real interest of online businesses lies.

That’s the way to buy traffic and attract customers.

With that, we come to the second topic: why should a company or digital business be interested in this professional?

Every Business Should Have a Traffic Manager — Why?

First, you need to understand the concept of traffic.

Think about it, in a conventional business for example, you need people visiting your store to be able to sell, right?

On the internet this concept does not change.

Your store, so to speak, is your website or your page.

Without people coming to your page every day, you don’t sell.

So, if you don’t sell, you don’t have the resources to keep your business.

So, this concept of always having people feeding your base is important.

But beyond that, paid traffic allows you to scale.

If you use paid traffic to drive your sales, chances are you’ll get a lot more exposure.

As a result, you will possibly attract more customers and make more sales.

In short, it is clear that every company should have at least one traffic manager on its team.

Is it a good career to invest?

If you’ve found all this cool so far, you might be wondering if it’s worth it to be a traffic manager.

This profession is still relatively new in Brazil.

Because of this, it is a very broad market that is on the rise.

One of the advantages of being a traffic manager is having geographic freedom.

With internet access and a computer, it is entirely possible for you to be able to do your work normally.

Furthermore, if you have a strategic vision and contribute positively to the company’s results, you can be commissioned for it.

That is, in addition to your fixed salary, you earn a commission based on the result.

This is a very interesting form of stimulus that companies agree to do.

Depending on the result delivered, it is quite possible that your commission will be higher than your salary.

Especially if you participate in businesses where the focus is on selling infoproducts.

For example, commissioning releases usually gives good returns to the traffic manager.

How to become a traffic manager?

To be a traffic manager there are no secrets.

If you are just starting out, try to learn through online courses.

This initial knowledge will be enough for you to fulfill your role.

Study and apply all steps to master your knowledge.

In this sense, it is very valuable that you try to frequent forums on traffic management and, if possible, work together with more experienced traffic managers.

After some time, where you have gained self-confidence in your work, offer services to local businesses.

That’s the best way to learn: apply it on the battlefield.

With that, in a relatively short time, you will be dominating online ads.

You can choose to start with Google or Facebook — currently the 2 biggest platforms for online advertising.

But at first just focus on one tool and learn as much of it.

Only after reaping positive results in the chosen tool add another one.

Applying the steps presented in this article you will create the conditions to earn money online and in the comfort of your home.

Good business and success!!

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