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6 Ways To Keep Your Lip Balm Business Growing This Winter

by Uneeb Khan


Winters means dry skin and that is why people buy moisturizers in large quantity specially to save their skin from the cool breeze. Not only do your hands, face and feet need good moisturizing lotion. But also, your lips need a good lip balm so that they look soft, nice and pretty. Different brands are making lip balms of different flavors for your lips. Some of the famous brands for lip balms are:

  1. Maybelline baby lips
  2. Burst bees
  3. Nivea lip care
  4. EOS Lip balm
  5. DHC lip cream
  6. Revlon kiss lip balm
  7. Chapstick classic
  8. Blistex medicated lip balm
  9. Honest beauty tinted lip balm
  10. ECO lips Vegan lip balm

All these brands create the best ever lip moisturizers and pack them properly in lip balm boxes. So here you will know six ways to keep your lip balm business growing this winter.

Improve the Quality of your Lip Balm

Different brands are making lip balms and fulfilling the customer’s requirement. In this tough competition, it can be difficult for your brand to survive if you don’t sell good quality products. Lip balm is like a moisturizer it seals your lips and prevents them from dryness. Its main ingredient is petroleum and wax for tinted lip balms to stay on lips for a longer time. You have to understand the ingredients that you are going to use for the lip balms. Only then you are capable of making the best lip balms for the customers and boosting the firm’s sales slowly and steadily. Remember this once people will start liking your product then they will stick to your brand forever and that can be a great achievement for you.

Use of Sturdy Packaging

After making good quality lip balms you have to create high-quality custom lip balm boxes. The boxes which are solid enough to give extra coverage to the lip balms of your company. For this purpose, the most recommended boxes are kraft board boxes or cardboard boxes. These boxes can help your brand to deliver the goods to the final destination without any spoilage. Besides these wholesale lip balm boxes are cost-effective for both the brand and its customers. As a result, the burden of extra charges is removed from the brand’s shoulders. In short lip balm boxes Australia is very useful for all business brands but you should know the proper use of these boxes.

Design & Style the Boxes

Choose amazing shapes for the cardboard box packaging. A decent shape can attract many people so choose the style for the boxes wisely. A few ideas for custom printed lip balm boxes are:

  • Square shape boxes
  • Rectangular boxes with handle
  • Boxes with compartments
  • Box with a die-cut window
  • Boxes with transparent strips
  • Sliding lip balm boxes

All these shape ideas are amazing but the one you will choose depends on your easiness. After this, you can select some cool and fascinating designs for these lip balm box packaging. Either you want simple or complicated artwork but keep in mind it should be according to your box size. Don’t choose oversized designs that can make your box look ugly. Lastly, brands can add any type of coating to these boxes to add more beauty to the custom lip balm boxes. Usually, there are two types of coatings that you can use:

  • Black matte coating
  • Glossy colorful coatings

Write your Product Listings & Characteristics in Detail

Always label your wholesale lip balm boxes with essential details that you think is important for the customers to know before buying or using your goods. These instructions can help your brand to win customers trust and then this trustful bond can lead your brand towards tremendous growth. Like the manufacturing and expiry date of the lip balm, its flavors and ingredients. So that if any ingredient is not suitable for the buyer, they can prefer some other options from your brand available in the market. Plus, always mention the characteristics of your lip balm on the lip balm boxes Australia. So that when people read them, they are motivated to purchase your lip balm at any cost. So basically, it can work as an influencing technique for your company.

Make it easy for Customers to Visualize & choose Decent Color Combinations

For all these labeling on the cardboard box packaging brands have to choose a proper font size, style and language. That people can easily read and understand with their naked eyes. Mostly English is the most preferred language on the cheap lip balm boxes as everyone these days can read English easily. Plus, you have to choose perfect color combinations for the box, designs and labelling. The patterns that can go well with each are the most suitable ones. Otherwise, wrong colors can destroy the overall beauty of the custom printed lip balm boxes. Therefore, think twice before making your final decision. On the other hand, don’t stick to these colors permanently keep updating your packaging styles for the lip balm box packaging otherwise people will not be attracted to your products if it becomes outdated.

Brand your Packaging

Always print the brand’s logo on the wholesale lip balm boxes and make these boxes a medium of advertisement for your brand. It is not easy to make your name in a competitive market you have to put effort and invest time into it. But the easiest thing that your brand can do is use any printing technique to print the brand’s logo on the custom lip balm boxes. In this way, with some time people will learn about your brand and when they will see pretty custom printed lip balm boxes, they will be encouraged to buy lip balm of their own choice from your firm at any rate.


Lip balms are an important part of life especially in winters and mostly girls carry them in their bags all the time. So, if your brand wants to boost its sales and attract more customers towards its lip balm box packaging then they have to follow these six tips mentioned in this article and then resultantly their business can progress in less or no time.

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