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Marketing a Law Firm

by Victor

In this day and age digital marketing brings a higher return on investment than any other kind of advertising that a law firm can do. Everyone searches Google, Bing and Yahoo looking for the right lawyer. This is where its important for law firms to have a professional website created and to run ads that stand out so that people searching for legal help can find your firm at the top.

Running pay per clicks through Google and Bing’s advertising network is not an easy task. Sure, you can create an ad and pick keywords, but do you have the technical knowledge to get rid of competitor clicks? This is where a professional management company comes in and manages the ad campaigns professionally. They track real time web traffic and watch paid clicks come to your website and eliminate competitor clicks and clicks outside of your targeted area.

Creating landing pages that are designed specifically for what the potential client is searching for is also essential to converting that lead into a sale. For example, if you are a criminal defense attorney, and you want to target people facing felony gun charges, then you will want a landing page that is designed to provide general information on the type of charges you defend and successful case results. Give the client a reason to hire you by showcasing your awards and good case results. 

Marketing a law firm online is not as easy as just creating a website and running ads. The website needs to be designed around the type of clients that you are looking to attract. This includes explaining some of the current laws that are in place without giving legal advice. The goal is to get the client to contact you, preferably by phone so that you can provide a consultation to see if the case is a good fit for your firm.

At Aggressive Law Firm Marketing, we create landing pages that convert into sales. We run pay per click ads that are profitable and bring in multiple clients every day. If you want your phone to ring off the hook give us a call at 630-352-0209. 

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