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Nike Tiempo Legend: What things to consider when shopping for soccer cleats?

by Marketgit Team

You may have finally decided to buy new soccer cleats to enhance your game level. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you will require proper guidance from the experts to ensure making the right selection that will last a long time. Remember, the wrong selection will only make you miserable on the ground and not allow you to play your natural game. Always select cleats that fit perfectly your feet.

Perfect fitting New Soccer Cleats

You need to understand that cleats are just cleats and are designed mainly to enhance your gaming experience. Hence, it is a common misconception that buying very expensive, superior-quality cleats will automatically improve your gaming performance significantly. The truth is that only endless practice combined with talent and sincerity in the game can help achieve greater heights and not just by wearing shoes with expensive cleats.

Understand your desired gaming style

In which level you are playing the game? Are you a defender, forward, goalkeeper, winger or midfielder? The position you will be playing in the game will entirely determine the type of shoe and cleats to purchase. There are available different types of cleats to fit all soccer gaming positions. Remember, every position requires different type of grip when moving on the ground. Hence, you need to identify your particular style and accordingly select a shoe with cleat that perfectly supports your specific requirements. You may log onto reputed portals like https://www.prodirectkickz.com/ for further guidance.

What pitch type to follow?

The playground on which you plan to play the game also has a greater say on the type of soccer cleats to purchase. If it is a muddy, wet ground, then you should opt for HG type cleats. Turf will be a better choice if you desire to buy a shoe cleat to enable playing for a year. For grassy grounds, opt for FG (firm ground) while for soft surfaces where studs can penetrate the ground easily, choose SG (Soft Ground) cleats. Indoor types will be an ideal choice to play on solid surfaces. Invest in Pro Direct Kickz, and see the difference in your game play.

Material used

Several materials are generally used to manufacture soccer cleats. On checking out Soccer Shoes for Sale, you can come across shoes made of natural leather, K-leather, knit, synthetic mesh or synthetic leather. K-leather type provides your feet the ability to mould easily while providing durability. It is created from a goat or calf skin and is excellent to kick balls. Synthetic leather is also used to provide similar effect like natural leather. On the other hand, mesh is considered to be trendy while lightweight upper covering allows entry of moisture into the feet, thus helping the player to remain cool even during high intensity games. There is also being developed waterproofing mesh technology.


Weight of the cleats also has a significant impact. 80z is the average cleat weight. It balances things and you will not feel heaviness on wearing the shoes. Extra lightweight cleats are also available weighing around 5 to 6 oz.

You are sure to find Nike Tiempo Legend the best fit.

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