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1. Overview

At Nirvana Memorial Garden, we understand that in order to enable descendants to accumulate good merits and blessings, it is important that they generate a feeling of spiritual satisfaction during each visit to pay homage to the ancestors. Therefore, we have built the conventional Prayer Hall that is designed to suit for multi religious activities. In addition, visitors can feel the peacefulness and harmony of the environment that is blessed by the natural landscape and fresh air that are still preserved in this natural setting. This peace of mind enables visitors to be free from mental stress and distractions. We believe that it is the perfect setting for visitors to attain spiritual tranquility and satisfaction during their visit at Nirvana Memorial Garden.

At Nirvana Memorial Garden, creating a sanctuary that is serene and tranquil is our ultimate goal. Therefore, our premises are well designed to ensure that it will be the right place for our ancestors. With modern and traditional landscaping themes, it creates an ideal sanctuary that offers comfort and relaxation to visitors. The landscape is specially planned and designed with consistent maintenance to ensure that it will remain beautiful and timeless. The greenery with various species of plants and flowers and ponds with fish and tortoises are set to bring out the natural beauty and fragrance of the landscape. Last but not least, the land form is gently shaped to prevent soil erosion thus promoting a safer environment.

Nirvana Memorial Garden is equipped with modern facilities such as the Administration Office cum Visitors’ Centre, a Prayer Hall, Urn Storage, 9 units of Shower of Love Columbarium, beautifully designed landscaped area with water features and ponds, wide range of both Western and Eastern style memorial and last but not least, a professional care-taking service. Our premises are secured and monitored by 24 hours security service and close circuit television (CCTV). With the concept of providing a hassle free and safe environment for family members, Nirvana Memorial Garden offers wide range of services that is reliable and of great convenience.

Nirvana columbarium old chua chu kang rd is its location. We are strategically located within a 1,200 acres of beautiful and serene park environment to provide a perfect setting for a memorial park. The park is located at the fringes of Nilai Memorial Park and boasts a scenic view of the surrounding hills and vast greenery.

1.1. Location

The peaceful environment at Nirvana Memorial Garden is contributed by the gentle breeze and the unpolluted air. As a result of that, this burial ground is an eco-friendly place. The serene environment is a great help for the spiritual development, and the air is beneficial to the health of the living. It is truly an ideal place for your loved ones to rest in peace. Due to the strategic location, this burial ground is very accessible as it is just a few minutes’ drive from the Penang Bridge. Since it is away from the city, it is free from the usual traffic congestion. There is ample parking space for the convenience of the visitors.

Nirvana Address is in 950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road, Singapore. This burial ground is between two residential areas, Taman Lembah Aman and Mutiara Perdana. The Alice Smith International School (EPF) and Bukit Minyak Industrial area are across the main road. This cemetery is sited away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and it is an ideal place to say a final goodbye to your dearly departed. It provides the much-needed peace and tranquility.

1.2. Services offered

All the services can be taken as a package with heavy discounts or the price can be discussed and negotiated according to the budget. Booking for the services mentioned can be made any time after the death of a person. Any incomplete rituals after the death of a person (antim sanskar) can also be done whereby the behavior of the relatives and the friends can be changed towards a positive side. Any other types of pooja or yagna services can also be organized through us at your home or temples. All the ingredients required for the same will be provided by us, this also includes a specific type of a daan. There are end number of services which are not stated because we have a solution or a link to every problem related to the death of a person. Our services brought a massive change in the society and even people’s perspectives to live a positive life by taking away all the negativities. We have received tons of blessings from people and expect the same in future. Eternal peace is the bottom line of our services.

1.3. Contact information

Pre-Need Memorial Packages To enquire more information on our Pre-Need Memorial Packages, you may call us to make an appointment or click on this link to register your interest. Our Memorial Consultant will take you through the possible arrangements and offer you the best solutions to what you have in mind. A lump sum investment or interest-free installment schemes of up to 5 years are possible for the arrangements. A written quotation will be given to you and there is no GST for our packages.

Niche allocation For reservation of niches, please make an appointment with our friendly Memorial Consultant at 67411717 before visiting us. This is to ensure no disappointment on the day of visit and also a very personalized and focused attention to you and your family for this important arrangement. Upon making this appointment, our Memorial Consultant will advise you on the necessary documents required to bring along on the day of visit for the registration of niche. He/she will also provide information on the procedures and assist you in any other way possible.

Block 354 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-367 Tel: 67411717 Fax: 67412687

2. Facilities

Private Columbarium: Nirvana Memorial Garden shapes a unique environment of tranquility amidst our bustling city lifestyle. The 1st phase, an 8000 sq.ft columbarium with a built-up of 16000 sq.ft, houses 2091 private niches with specially designed mock-wood plaques of different sizes. They offer a choice of simple and modern calligraphy in 4 different colors. The niches are located in 2 different areas in the columbarium. Each unique area reflects a different home ambiance. With an option of 1 to 6 niches side by side allocation, families can choose to have 1 family area allocated with a write-on/washable surface marble plaque just above the niche. This idea allows now and later, extended family members’ names to be inscribed on the plaque, sharing the same niche. Prices for each niche and marble plaque are affordable, designed to suit low, mid, and high-income families. The 2nd phase Columbarium has started construction and is now open for sales. It is located at the peak of the hill and will be nestled in the heart of the beautiful gardens and lake. This will create an ambiance of nature in a place of serenity. The 2nd phase has a total of 4000 niches, which consist of private, write-on/washable marble plaques, mini niches, glass niches, and a community niche. This phase will give a real feel of nature with cascading mini niches, semi-outdoor garden glass niches, and community niches all located along the hill with the choice of garden landscape or lake view. The scattering garden is a beautiful landscape area available for ashes scattering. Pricing for each niche will be affordable, and this phase is expected to be completed by 2011.

2.1. Columbarium

Our modern interpretation of the columbarium integrates aspects of the religious, secular, historical and artistic. These walls, since Roman times, were constructed below the ground. In recent years, aboveground columbaria have become popular. Our design work is a combination of these past styles and integrates sculpture, both existing and new, into a number of niche walls. These niches are designed to hold urns, which may be stored within a protective case. An inscribed plaque serves as a lasting memorial for the person or as a dedication for the urn within. Time stands still for no one and years of weather or wear can diminish the readability of the inscriptions. Therefore, we have provided a tranquil indoor setting which features a glass front niche wall. This indoor setting also serves the more delicate needs at a funeral in inclement weather. Across the world, cultures have different methods of enshrining cremains. This flexibility in design work ensures each niche wall complex is custom tailored to the cultural and budget requirements of the client.

A columbarium is a place for the respectful storage of cinerary urns. It dates back to the Roman Empire. The term originates from the Latin “columba” which means dove. Doves and pigeons were among the first birds to be domesticated and were used in the early Christian church as a symbol of the soul’s ascension into heaven. In these walls, those that have gone before us are remembered and the living are invited to reflect on those that have gone before us.

2.2. Burial plots

The Exclusive Lawn is a universally accepted burial plot concept that caters to people of all walks of life. Emphasising simplicity and modesty, it offers premium choice lawn burials at an affordable price. Arrays of elegantly designed granite and bronze memorials are available, which come in the form of individual and family memorials. This plot is nestled in a cosy garden setting and can provide a quiet and peaceful environment with scenic view of Kuala Lumpur City skyline. The above options offer ample space and a peaceful environment where families and loved ones of the deceased can visit and remember those who have left them.

Another option is the Ancestral Burial Plot, a concept which is derived from the Chinese culture. Enhancing the Chinese tradition of revering ancestors, it provides a comprehensive and systematic ancestral tablet enshrinement and burial service. The key feature is the double burial lot, which allows both husband and wife to be interred into the same cubicle. The gently sloped hill is adorned with a man-made waterfall, providing a soothing environment. This burial plot is divided into two phases of development, with phase I receiving overwhelming interest and support from the Chinese community. Phase II will include additional modern amenities that will enhance the comfort and convenience of its occupants.

Nirvana Memorial Garden has three main burial plot options, each offering different cultural and religious symbolism. The Muslim Burial Plot located at Ba Da Guan area is Malaysia’s first Muslim burial plot to be sited within a Buddhist memorial park. The Muslim Burial Plot seeks to integrate the ethnic and religious diversity of Malaysia. This plot accommodates graves which face the direction of the Qiblat. A prayer area is located within the plot, where Yassin and Tahlil sessions can take place. This is a peaceful area within the park, with a man-made lake and waterfall spanning across the park. The cool and refreshing air will ensure this is a serene and comfortable last resting place.

2.3. Funeral services

Nirvana provides its members with the most comprehensive funeral service available. The Hall of Calm is spacious and designed for easy access by large groups. It provides members with a serene environment to pay their last respects to the deceased. A prestigious sending-off for your loved one is always regarded as comforting. A Nirvana director will assist in arranging the sequence of the service and will provide expert advice when it is required.

Music to comfort the family and caregivers during the wake and prayer services is an important aspect of today’s funeral service. Nirvana has a variety of music CDs that can be used to cater to different musical preferences and different stages of the service. Buddhist scriptures or chanting can also be arranged to be played during the wake or prayer services. During the prayer service, members have the option of performing a candlelight service. This service is usually performed to both comfort the deceased and to symbolize the courage and light of the deceased’s life. Returning the deceased to nature is a symbolic form of closure.

Water and fire are substances widely used in Buddhist culture to cleanse sins and to purify the deceased. Nirvana provides members with an option of performing a water and fire send-off as a conclusion to the funeral service. The Memorial Services is a tradition which is commonly practiced three times over a period of 49 days to ensure that the deceased is at peace and to symbolize the changing of death from a worldly to a spiritual matter. This is an ideal option for family and caregivers who live overseas or interstate and cannot be present on the day of the funeral service.

Nirvana provides a comprehensive memorial service package which can be customized to the needs of the deceased and family. A consultant will meet with the deceased’s family and caregivers to discuss the most suitable package and provide any advice or assistance that is required. The package can include temple booking, catering, offering supplies and materials, and even an overnight stay at the Nirvana hostel for those who wish to perform the service in a consecutive manner.

3. Amenities

The garden theme is inspired by the Karuṇā (Compassion) and Muditā (Altruistic Joy) Buddha’s virtues, as we aspire that individuals of this generation and generations to come will benefit from their encounter with the Buddha’s virtues and the teachings of Dharma. Meditation nodes (Anumodana Kuti) will be available to visitors to meditate in an outdoor setting. These nodes are plastered rooms with louvered windows and lightweight cement benches which can accommodate 4 individuals. The idea is to allow individuals to experience meditation in a quiet outdoor environment while still being shielded from the sun, wind, and rain.

A peaceful environment and availability of food and drinks will yield joy and tranquility to the participants. This node will be used for short group retreats ranging from a day to several days. A managing director commented that he sees these being used by lay Buddhists, students, teachers, and individuals affected by difficult circumstances such as cancer patients and their families.

Located right above the management office is the prayer hall, which is spacious and well-lit to foster an environment that induces concentration and meditation. Sound reduction and fire rating doors are used to maintain privacy and safety of the visitors. A speaker system that is connected to a console at the altar will be installed for occasions when voice or music amplification is needed. This will serve as a venue for some of the Dharma talks, classes, and workshops.

The meditation rooms in Nirvana Memorial Garden provide tranquility and peace to the memorial’s visitors. Constructed with the use of sound reduction design concept, the meditation rooms will shelter visitors from the external environment. Soundproofed doors and walls, as well as double glazed windows with vacuum in between the glass panes are used to reduce noise penetrating the meditation rooms. High STC rating composite doors with limited door gap further prevent sound from coming through the doors.

Carpet with high quality underlay and tiles with premium quality backing are used for the flooring of the meditation rooms to absorb sound energy. These materials will be replaced frequently to maintain their acoustic characteristics. The walls and ceiling are finished with skim coat and painted with premium quality paint. Visitors can walk into the meditation rooms to simply have some quiet time, do some reading, and even participate in classes or workshops that aim to help individuals manage some of life’s most stressful events.

3.1. Meditation rooms

Nirvana Memorial Garden is a mix of Buddhist columbarium, with incineration and internment. The grounds consolidate Chinese and Japanese design ideas, and the most peaceful condition has been accomplished effectively. Sections of land of park space have been devoted here, furnishing relatives of the perished with a grand environment to remember friends and family. One of the perfect times to visit this place is early morning and late evening, when daylight and cool winds make this spot generally comforting. Still, around half of unpaid interment plots are accessible, which is surprisingly.

A large portion of different necropolises in Singapore are pursuing quickly less space, and one day there will surely be demand for these plots. If you have people in urns, this is a great spot to discover harmony and isolation, which is the reason it is such a strong match for the old. Rather, the choice will be a Japanese configuration sanctum and its city’s first built incinerators. This choice is one even city fathers are conflicted on, and aficionados of such serene, identical burial look to areas like Clementi genuine Nirvana Memorial Garden.

3.2. Prayer halls

The columbarium is to be decorated with spacious prayer and ceremonial rooms, making it an ideal location to conduct filial services. The underground location protects it from the sun and rain, giving off an especially cool ambiance, while providing ease of access and protection from the weather for those visiting the ancestors’ niche located just above the prayer halls.

Designed to cater to the various prayer and religious customs, the lanes leading towards the prayer hall are designed for a dragon/grand procession, and there are also ramps with railings for the convenience of elderly folks. The prayer halls are complete with modern and clean toilet facilities and a wudhu (ablution) pool. A unique feature will be the underground columbarium situated just below the prayer halls, in which the founders of Nirvana hope will be a good spot for descendants to hold prayer sessions for their ancestors.

The prayer hall is a captivating part of Nirvana Memorial Park, with their crystal glass pillars symbolizing purity and the undying flame of Nirvana. The prayer halls are situated on top of a reflecting pool, the sound of the gently moving water enhances tranquility and a soothing atmosphere. Each prayer hall can accommodate close to a hundred devotees. Holding prayer sessions or events for a larger group can be done by opening the partition between the 2 halls, and the convenience of air-conditioning is also available. Prayer halls can also be booked for hosting prayer sessions by family members and relatives.

3.3. Garden and landscaping

The Garden of Reminiscence comprises double 8-1,000,000 rectangular feet of delicately manicured gardens. It offers a tranquil surroundings presenting solace and luxury. Every backyard is designed with a novel theme and panorama. The guests might absolutely equip themselves with the jogging map to comprehend the panorama and be further energetic. Cleaning feeling and droplets of water can also be professional by the company on a sunny day.

All landscapes are designed with the Six Feelings close to to the six guidelines of the Noble Eightfold Direction. Meaning is unfold the length of every educating so company can higher realise the items of Buddha. At six express spots all through the gardens, sayings which offers an explanation for each temper may also be examine from a information. At the pond, company can feed the fish meals to take a look at numerous varieties of fishes found out. All gardens are open to the general public on the other hand easiest Buddhists can utilize the ashes placement service.

3.4. Parking facilities

Nirvana Memorial Garden provides generous car parking space for visitors and devotees. Both basement and open-air car parks are available at a nominal fee. Disabled parking facilities are also provided at the open-air car park, conveniently located near the entrance to the memorial hall. A parking surau has been set up near the open-air car park for the convenience of Muslim devotees. The surau has wuduk facilities, changing rooms, and can accommodate 40 people at any one time. This facility is also open to drivers of tour buses and visitors who come in buses.

The Memorial Garden provides generous car parking space for visitors and devotees with the parking facilities. Both basement and open-air car parks are available at a nominal fee. Disabled parking facilities are also provided at the open-air car park, conveniently located near the entrance to the memorial hall. A parking surau has been set up near the open-air car park for the convenience of Muslim devotees. The surau has slip roads on both sides to enable easy access of cars and buses into the car park. It has a dual entrance for cars and buses, and the pedestrian path from the car park to the surau is lit with lights for safety. This surau has a capacity of 100 people and has a kiosk which will provide an information counter and refreshments for visitors coming to the Memorial Hall.

4. Heritage and Legacy

They developed Malaysia’s maiden memorial park. This was not only the most modern of its kind in Malaysia, it was the largest in Southeast Asia, truly a groundbreaking accomplishment. With a very sound foresight, the Forbes developed Nirvana as an everlasting non-sectarian burial ground in tranquil, serene, and picturesque surroundings, ideal for the final resting place for people from all walks of life. With a unique blend of feng-shui and conventional modern cemetery know-how, the Nirvana memorial garden provides a calm environment that promotes the well-being of visitors. This has proven to be a resounding success with discerning families throughout Malaysia and has drawn families from other countries as well. It is not only an area for the deceased but also a haven for the living, serving as a peaceful retreat from the bustling city.

The well-being of the families from whom the deceased come from is a major consideration. With this in mind, Malaysia’s first-ever bereavement care center was established here to give bereaved families the much-needed comfort and support during tough times. Also established was a service to provide professional help to create obituaries, testimonials for the deceased, and help with the creation of DVD tributes, etc. All essential memorabilia for the living who wish to remember and cherish their passed loved ones.

4.1. History of Nirvana Memorial Garden

Nirvana Memorial Park is founded by a notable philanthropist and businessman in Semenyih. The historical garden was launched on 11 November 2005. As the garden started with its first phase of construction, which had taken up almost 160 acres of land and nestled by the hills that stretch to over 800 acres of land. It is actually a unique and beautiful concept of a garden surrounded by hills and mountains and the only memorial park in Malaysia that has the stunning view of hills and mountains across the South.

As the garden conveys its exclusiveness and uniqueness, there is a rare and limited availability in the world of burial plots, which may sometimes have the tag ‘limited edition’ attached, if we may say so to describe the meaning of availability. These days, high-rise apartments have become the only affordable housing and many city dwellers aspire to one day own a piece of land with a view of their own. This is a dream to minister to a person’s own a piece of earth and a great view, which can be thought of as a luxury. Such a burial plot is available at Nirvana Memorial Park while a few acres of choice hillside land still remain untouched, only leaving a short distance to walk, which it may just “a few steps to heaven” providing peace of mind for grieving families.

4.2. Cultural significance

The traditional concept of filial piety is still considered to be an important value in Chinese culture, although the manner in which it is expressed has changed over time due to changes in the lifestyle and thinking of the Chinese community. Filial piety, in its practice, includes attending to the comfort of one’s parents and carrying on the family name and its honor. Today, this has come to include the provision of good medical benefits and hospitalization facilities, and ensuring a peaceful resting place when a parent passes on.

The nature and direction of the development of Nirvana Memorial Garden is in line with the changing needs and expectations of Chinese society in Singapore towards fulfilling the obligations of filial piety. This is because it fulfills a long-term commitment to provide a peaceful and conducive environment for the deceased and also Nirvana’s investment in the construction of Singapore’s first government-funded Chinese Medical Centre, Tzu-Chi Free Clinic. This is seen as an essential method to provide healthcare services and knowledge in a manner that is cost-effective and conducive to the Chinese community in Singapore.

To portray the cultural significance of Nirvana Memorial Garden, it is essential to dissect the Chinese tradition, values, and the construction of the columbarium. The Chinese tradition prides itself on the continuity of customs, which is essential in the passing down of values and ways of life, generation after generation. The opening of Nirvana Memorial Garden in 2000 was a timely response to the needs of a society in rapid transition. Globalization, modernization, and the passage of time had led to the erosion of many traditional values and practices. It sought to provide a convenient and modern approach to an age-old tradition, completed in a way that is conducive to the rich Chinese culture in Singapore. The columbarium, with its wealth of Chinese cultural symbols and designs, is much appreciated by the Chinese community in Singapore as they perceive it as an escape back to their heritage.

4.3. Contributions to the community

Understanding that a well-educated society would be able to appreciate the value of life and living in preparation for an eventual death, health talks are frequently organized to provide education on the importance of taking care of one’s health and general knowledge on terminal illnesses. The objective is to enable a healthy generation to live life to the fullest and at the same time be able to understand the eventual cycle of life and be prepared in facing it. This would indirectly reduce the burden of modern-day adults in caring for their elderly parents when they are themselves at an old age.

Established with the objective of promoting filial piety and being the preferred provider of bereavement care, Nirvana Memorial Garden is committed to advocate the traditional values of filial piety through various community projects. A key part of the corporate social responsibility effort involves educating the community on the importance of filial piety and how it could bridge the communication gap between the old and young. Through a comprehensive understanding, it is hoped that the Chinese community especially would be able to revisit the teachings of filial piety and apply it in their daily lives. This would then help to foster a closer knit family and ensure that the traditions live on to the next generation. It also demonstrates a way of how the young could express their gratitude to their parents without being seen as showering them with material wealth but rather a simple gesture of love and caring.

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