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Online Gambling Busts, and the Bossal Connection

by Victor

From the big news case, the khaki industry In the case of raiding the house, Big Joke Gen.T.Teacher.Surchin broke a secondary bully.Tr. Due to the operation of Police Headquarters Investigating Technological Crime (Land.St.) Bringing police force and commando Searching for a total of 30 targets in 6 provinces, along with being able to arrest online gambling gangs, arrest warrants for 11 suspects, including civilian police. One of the raids was the home of Big Joke in Vibhavadi  สล็อตออนไลน์

In addition to the raids There is also a Big Joke clip that sings with the beautiful “Minnie” girl, which is called “Gambling Web Mother” Which is the same network as Bossal, the president of the Thai Football League That was arrested by PCT police on June 20.Yi. 66 At the father-in-law’s house in A.The word underneath. Phayao after the investigation สล็อต found ownership of online gambling and money laundering websites

Minnie, who is the gambling web mother? Beautiful girl with singing pictures with “Big Joke”

For Boss Tan, president of the famous football club team That became the accused When going back on June 20.Yi. Gen.T.Teacher.Roy Inckpai, Vice Dir.Tr.As the director of the Information Technology Crime Suppression Center (Zopos.Tr.) Or PCT ordered the arrest of Mr. Pong Siri or Bossal, arrest warrant for the Criminal Court 1893/2023, down 20 June.Y.66 on charges of jointly providing play Or lure tricks Help each other announce advertisements or persuade directly or indirectly for others to play or gamble without the permission of the official, jointly launder money, Conspired by agreement of two or more people To commit money laundering offenses and to commit money laundering because of conspiracy By arresting at a group of 9 T.House of Pinta.The word underneath.Phayao, which belongs to Father-in-law’s house While sleeping in the bedroom After hiding as various 

Boss Tan Pong Siri History

Boss Tan, Mr. Pong Siri is a native of Lamphun. But became famous as a partner Famous entertainment venues in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai before moving from the entertainment industry Come to catch the job in the sports industry By becoming president of the football club Lamphun Wier With just age 30 years at that time made many people call him “Bossal Lamphun”

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