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Our Education System are Responsible for Stress and Anxiety

by Victor

According to author Lucy Clark, the stress placed on students to succeed academically is draining their joy of learning and leading to their anxiety and depression. What exactly is wrong with education, and how can it be fixed?

The challenges faced by students in higher education are numerous. The actions of students who make an effort to overcome these obstacles may change. They may experience anxiousness as a result, which could have a detrimental psychological impact. Students in college experience anxiety the most frequently. Many students experience anxiety when they believe they will not be successful in their academic or extracurricular goals. On occasion, anxiety might motivate students to consider their goals more carefully.

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Students’ anxiety in higher education institutions

Learning a new language

Many students experience anxiety as a result of learning a new language, especially those who follow their education in a language other than their mother tongue. In higher education institutes, English is typically studied as a second language or a foreign language. Some of them might pick up English before going to college. They might not be able to achieve the high standard of English proficiency needed at the college level, though. They are anxious since they might not be able to graduate from the university if they fail to pass.

The level of the curriculum

In most higher education institutions, curriculum challenges are also seen as a factor that contributes to students’ worry. Some students fail to comprehend the content and have difficulty completing tasks, writing research papers or reports, and responding to questions in class. Some students could be reluctant to ask the teachers for assistance, which causes them to worry that they won’t be able to complete the course requirements. Mathematics, biology, statistics, chemistry, physics, history, and law are some subjects with challenging curricula [18]. Students also experience anxiety in several medical specialized classes, including dentistry and medicine, medicine and engineering, dentistry and veterinary medicine, and pharmacy.

A challenge in exams

Because they are ill-prepared, some students experience anxiety before their midterm and final exams. Some students might not comprehend the exam questions, and as a result, provide incorrect answers. More importantly, there is occasionally insufficient time to complete the exam questions. Some professors design exams that are inappropriate for some students’ intelligence because they are unaware of the disparities in the students’ abilities. Thus, students risk failing their tests. College students in a variety of areas, including math, history, geography, chemistry, physics, engineering, and the arts, and music, frequently experience exam anxiety. For instance, some music-focused students experience anxiety when taking tests that require them to utilize a musical instrument. Additionally, some pharmacy students experience anxiety related to their clinical tests.

Financial problems

Since they are expected to pay for their education, particularly at private universities, financial worry is regarded as a problem that many students encounter when attending higher education institutions. Some of them might owe money. Students who are under financial stress experience anxiety, which results in psychological suffering [26] and a worse grade point average (GPA).

Responsibilities to family

Some university students experience anxiety while studying because of numerous family issues. One of these issues is a parent’s illness, which necessitates the student’s continued proximity to the sufferer. If the pupils are, they are also in charge of the husband and kids. These issues have an impact on the student’s academic performance since they prevent him from adequately preparing for exams, carrying out his academic responsibilities, and attending lectures, writing a research thesis which makes him worry about how to manage his family and scholastic obligations.

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Steps should be taken by educational institutions to cope with stress and anxiety

  • The education system should start by making sure that children are ready to learn when they enter school. The first few years of their life should be spent learning how to go about learning things in a fun way; this will help them develop a sense of enjoyment in what they are doing.
  • Next, the teachers and parents should not expect so much from children at such a young age. They should allow them space to play, ask questions and experiment with different methods until they find one that works best for them.
  • The only way we can reduce the number of cases of stress and anxiety among our students is by providing them with better learning environment where they can learn everything easily and effectively.

Final words

Finally, the education system should change its focus from teaching students what they need to know to instead teaching them how they can use their knowledge and skills in the real world. This would require changing the way schools do their job as well as changing some courses offered at universities around the world.


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