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Top 200 High Authority Paid Guest Posting Sites in 2021


Best sponsored guest posting platforms: Having a website is not a single thing. However, maintenance for traffic generation needs proper SEO. Although you can gain more traffic with paid methods. But search engine optimization is a significantly free and low process to achieve traffic generation and the reader also. Some best-paid guest posting sites are authentic and traffic booster. Here are several platforms that are open for guest posting. Some can be paid or some are unpaid platforms. Now it’s up to you, which website is suitable for your guest posting. some sectional ways to find your guest post partner must be known for every blogger.

Paid guest posting tips

SEO through guest posting is useful and more accurate if you will follow some rules. Otherwise ignoring some basic points will restrict your efforts and time. That is why we are giving some effective tips to avoid tension.

  • First, you need to visit your prescribed list or focused website. After scrolling all the content, you will get its targets and inch. The posting overview will show you the activeness of the owner of the site.
  • Secondly, now you have to know if this site is matching your niches. your mindset would be clear about posting.
  • The third point would be clear if mailed the site admin to for posting your guest post creation.

List of best-paid guest posting platforms

we have a composition of a list of best-paid websites. This website is offering the free of cost guest posting. However, this website belongs to are niches like, education, economics and finance, entertainment, news site, sports, and information blog. Additionally, choosing the DA/DR profile creation sites can pave your way to millions of sites for the best approach. we have collected all the sites and make a catalog according to the maximum traffic receiver. These sites receive millions of traffic weekly. That is why guest posting on these websites will beneficial for you. the attachment of your website can boost your post. Here is the list of websites

  • Mashable
  • Outbrain
  • Hubspot
  • Oli price


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Mashable is a blogging website that is interrelated to social media. Here are multiple niches that are attractive to users. According to the state, it has 13. 1 million visits. Its major business targeted country is the USA, but it has popular in other regions like Canada and Uk. Its main source of traffic is from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. such a big achievement is very attractive to bloggers for guest posting. Their huge traffic can be moved to their sites. Its process is very simple to contact them. Because the admin of the site has added very clear guidelines.


The Best sponsored guest posting platforms can give you visitors
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Outbrain is the biggest site with  395.28M visits is an effective backlink opportunity for organic traffic. Its main target region is also the USA, Germany, and France. Its main source is the referrals websites and youtube. Interestingly, more than 89 percent of traffic is non-paid on just 5 keywords. This site is also offering free sponsored guest posting. That is a solid SEO backlink strategy. you need to just follow the guideline for your guest posting.

Hub spot

The Best sponsored guest posting platforms can give you visitors
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Hubspot is a marketing app and website for CRM software and marketing sale. it the most active site for active visits. Its monthly visit is 35.89 million is not a minor number to miss. It has a wide market for its software in the USA, Uk, and India. Only 1.5 percent of this site is paid reach. while other 98. 95 percent is organic reach. So if you are relating to marketing, business or some kind of same business. So you are thinking about the same platform for guest posting to boost your pages. That is a big opportunity for diverse its traffic. You contact them according to your plan.

Oil price

The Best sponsored guest posting platforms can give you visitors
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Belonging to the economic website, ‘oil‘ is the best chart for oil and its relevant product. This site can cover the crude oil prices & gas price charts. Furthermore, energy, oil petroleum, and natural gas are their main topics. As we mentioned, this is economic website has a live chart of the oil future. That is quite an active website with 4.73 million active visiter. From the USA, Canada, and the UK it has direct visitors. The list of visiter is still growing because the oil price is a global issue. This site has announced free-of-cost guest posting for bloggers as a golden opportunity- Best sponsored guest posting platforms.

Explore more paid guest posting sites

What do you think that above-paid guest posting sites are enough? Here I am going to explore some more sites that allow paid guest posting and you can create quality backlinks by publishing your guest posts.

Top 200  high authority paid guest posting sites:

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