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Palm Jumeirah – Living on the 8th Wonder of the World

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Developed by Nakheel Properties, the villas in Palm Jumeirah are given stellar amenities and extraordinary facilities. A unique feature of the occupants of Palm Jumeirah is the mesmerizing coastline and beachfront views.

This man-made island opens views of the Arabian Gulf coastline’s white sand and blue azure water. Various restaurants, cafes, and entertainment activities are scattered throughout the mega-development.

Freehold properties are available in Palm Jumeirah for purchase. The potential residence visa and tax-free investment opportunity are why foreign expats and buyers look forward to these homes.

A big chunk of properties are introduced by Nakheel Properties – a promising development that has brought the latest projects in this artificial archipelago, including recreational activities and luxurious properties.

Inhabitants of these homes can bask in a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and entertainment facilities. The Atlantis Hotel is situated at the top of the island, with many properties lying in the surrounding. Residents can visit the luxe hotel to enjoy prestigious facilities at their leisure.

Shoreline Apartments

This is an elite residential complex of 20 mid-rise towers positioned at the Trunk of the archipelago. Shoreline Apartments contains 1-4 bedroom apartments and globally renowned penthouses.

Golden Mile

This is a superior collection of 10 mid-rise residential towers at the Trunk of the artificial island. A surprising feature of Golden Mile is its direct access to the Galleria Mall complex.

The occupants of these 178 homes will enjoy the top-tier amenities and facilities available on the archipelago.

Marina Residences

The 6 posh residential towers in Marina Residences are found at the Trunk of Palm Jumeirah. These residential units are rare as they consist of 1 to 3-bedroom apartments, 4-bedroom penthouses, and 5-bedroom townhouses. All of these are available in the same residential complex. The famous sub-community also allows pets.

Garden Homes

Garden Homes is a one-of-a-kind villa-only district on the man-made island. These residential units usually serve as holiday homes since they are positioned near the beach.

The homes are a perfect place to observe the natural marine life in the Arabian Gulf. Not only this, you can take a swim in the blue water and enjoy a variety of watersports.

The occupants of these homes in Palm Jumeirah will experience the best resort-style lifestyle in the city. In addition, potential investors and homeowners can be assured that their demands are taken care of.

Categories of Villas in Palm Jumeirah

Boasting more than 4,000+ villas on the man-made island, potential buyers can surf through a long list of floor plans and configurations. Including the living spaces, the homes for sale in Palm Jumeirah are ready to impress everyone.

These superior real estates present three unmistakable options to fulfil different preferences and budgets. Canal Cove, Garden Homes, and Signature Villas are the best villa-only districts in Palm Jumeirah.

Property in Palm Jumeirah varies from modern creative manors to customized Arabian homes. From sumptuous getaway residences to valuable family homes, there is something for everyone in the meticulously planned network.

Lifestyle Standards in Palm Jumeirah

A prime feature of the villa districts in Palm Jumeirah is the numerous kilometres of charming coastline. With the magical dusk to view by the seashore and the Crescent trail to have a brisk walk, the atmosphere surrounding the homes is that of unwinding, solitude, and solace to the inhabitants.

With this tranquil environment and relaxed seaside lifestyle, along with the eclectic eateries and restaurants serving a plethora of cuisines, the lifestyle in the villas scarcely has any space for boredom. The nightlife is dynamic, with expansive outdoor grounds, top-rated inns, and a variety of fun water sports experiences.

At the pinnacle of Palm Jumeirah lies The Atlantis Hotel, a lavish lodging resort. In addition, a submerged world is found in the Aquaventure Waterpark at the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

The residents can also enjoy unbelievable marine life encounters at Dolphin Bay and Sea Lion Point. Such a thriving amount of involvement with the water makes a living in Palm Jumeirah adventurous.

The Eighth Wonder of the World

Maybe the most esteemed of the bunch, Palm Jumeirah – a man-made island in Dubai, is perfectly shaped like a palm tree, made of 17 fronds and a trunk. It is surrounded by a 7 mile long crescent shaped island where the Atlantis Hotel is found. This is one of the many luxury upscale resorts and hotels dot the artificial archipelago.

Visitors can now enter Palm Jumeirah from the mainland via a monorail. Furthermore, an underwater tunnel links the topmost frond to the crescent. The Palm Tower has floors occupied by St. Regis Dubai, whereas Nakheel Mall fulfils the retail needs of the inhabitants.

There is no need to settle for Google Earth views, as you can enjoy the handicraft while free-falling over the development at 120 mph through the skydiving adventure.

Planning on the second Palm island, known as Palm Jebel Ali, was initiated in 2002, but the construction was paused due to the 2008 financial crisis. However, the developer has assured everyone that the project is not cancelled but is now a long-term venture.

People May Ask

How much does a home cost in Palm Jumeirah?

The villas in Palm Jumeirah have a starting price of $1.6 million. This goes without saying that furnished apartments are more costly. For instance, a 4 bedroom home with designer furniture is worth $4 million.

What was the construction cost of the Atlantis Hotel?

The Atlantis Hotel is a joint venture between Istithmar and Kerzner International Holdings Limited. It was officially opened in 2008, and the construction cost was reported to be $1.5 billion.

What is the cost of an average home in Dubai?

An average home can be purchased for $760,000. However, based on the House Price Index, the costs of villas and apartments declined by 12% and 14% since September 2015.

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