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Maintenance is indeed key in the running of any business operation. Maintenance is very involving and it evolves hence we find priorities being shifted from time to time. For a company to be able to conduct maintenance effectively, maintenance managers are essential. Maintenance managers are professionals who oversee the maintenance procedures and activities in a company. They can track company assets and their progress, in case of any repairs they are quickly notified and the fixing can be carried out in good time and also only small costs are incurred. These maintenance managers’ work is not always easy and they are faced with different shortcomings. One of the biggest challenges that they face is ardent pressure to deliver more with less, this means that they are faced with huge workloads which are followed by a shortage of resources such as workers, and also spring back budgets.

Fortunately, for them that in today’s world, technological systems have been introduced to make work easier for them. These tools enable them to carry out their operations efficiently and in good time. Examples of these tools include Data analysis, Internet, and also mobile maintenance software.

In this article today, we are going to discuss the major problems that the maintenance managers encounter and also some beneficial tips that may help them to address those problems and turn them into advantages for them.


By saying spontaneously it’s also equal to saying an unplanned occurrence. Unplanned maintenance is not good for any business, since it happens because of unexpected breakdowns. So without good maintenance, maintenance managers find themselves having to deal with those repairs quickly and with this, you tend to find that it leads to unplanned downtime.


This may closely sound like unplanned maintenance but we will get to see how they vary from each other. As we have seen spontaneous maintenance is unexpected something that was not planned in the budget. But, for unscheduled maintenance, it means that yes, the maintenance was planned but no allocation was done to it; like what activities ought to be carried out or not and at what time. Hence, this poses a big challenge for the maintenance managers.


For effective maintenance, cost plays a big role. One function of the maintenance managers is to balance all operational costs. As we saw in the start, the managers are expected to deliver more but with less, most maintenance managers and the company’s management are usually in conflict about the budget. The management always sees as if the managers are incurring unnecessary expenses to the company although, that is not true. For the budget to be favorable for effective maintenance it takes a lot of persuasion from the managers to the management, but if the budget is well sorted then we find a lot of challenges are automatically sorted.


It is very important in the running of any business to ensure that work is quality and delivered on time. So, time management is key to maintenance. A lot of tasks take place in one day and unpredicted events may occur. Therefore, the maintenance managers need to prioritize important tasks that ought to be carried out on a daily routine thus making the work to be efficient and also finished in good time.


In the maintenance process, one small mistake may lead to the occurrence of a big problem, such as machine failure. Any problem that arises may lead to a lack of work efficiency. We tend to find that most of the work process is affected by the manual process and with humans involved risk of more problems arises. This shows that if work is manually carried out a lot of mistakes tend to occur and your work is less accurate. This is why one is encouraged to incorporate automated systems in their maintenance to reduce errors and enhance accuracy.


Every business aims to increase productivity, although the increase in production is great, it is one of the challenges a maintenance manager encounters. We said that maintenance grows leading to a shift in priorities. For the maintenance managers to be able to deal with increased productivity they ought to shift from reactive to proactive maintenance. Proactive maintenance can save on costs compared to reactive maintenance, but companies due to the management are unable to implement proactive maintenance hence, you find that a lot of costs are

 being incurred.

We shall now look at some of the solutions to these problems. One thing that is for sure is that the best solution to all those is applying the computerized maintenance management software to your system. the CMMS software is very key and with it, the company tends to benefit a lot. Some of this software’s importance is discussed below:

  • Scheduled maintenance.

This software enables you to facilitate your assets and also stores information required for the asset such that during maintenance the information of that specific asset is easily located. You can also schedule your time of maintenance in regards to how the asset is utilized.

  • Elimination of the manual process.

As we discussed, the manual process leads to a lot of mistakes and inaccuracy. For effective maintenance the use of automated systems such as the CMMS or EAM software. This system will help you how to access your data easily and efficiently and improve your work quality.

In conclusion, maintenance is a key focus for every organization. But, with lack of well implementation maintenance can make the company succumb to great losses. With CMMS software the company shall be able to save on unnecessary costs and reduce downtime. This software is also cloud-based meaning that you can easily get security for your data. hence, this makes maintenance efficient and the work that it does is quality.

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