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Qureka Banner – A Guide to Effective Design

by Marketgit Team

Digital marketing is become the backbone of today’s business. Selecting the right platform for your business marketing is not simple, as there is high market competition. With a revolution in technology, the battle of marketing is getting more arduous day by day. In this post, we will talk about such a business marketing platform that is unique, affordable, and provides maximum consumer engagement. All these factors are essential for marketing. Qureka Banner is a digital platform for brand advertisement where your brand will interestingly reach actual and authentic customers. Let’s review it in detail.

Qureka Banner: review

Qureka Banner

Qureka Banner is an interactive and unique advertisement platform where users are engaged in the most interactive and exciting way. This advertisement tool is quite different from other advertising platforms because it totally engages users through games and quizzes at the end, from which they can win gifts or discounts. Even more, the primary purpose behind this advertising platform is to reach real-time users and provide the best experience.

How is Qureka Banner different from others?

This platform is considered unique and innovative because it eliminates the nostalgic advertisement method. Usually, different brands and businesses advertise their products on different popular sites and get traffic from there.

This way of advertisement is now getting useless day by day because sometimes users get irritated by ad repetition. Using Qureka is an innovative idea for brand promotion because it keeps customers engaged with different puzzles, Quizzes, and games. Where user’s minds get engaged and they also love to play and enjoy. So, it’s an innovative digital platform for advertising products.

Why should you choose Qureka Banner for your Business?

A few facts will guide you in choosing this platform as a marketing tool.

  • Target audience:

Compared to other e-commerce websites and advertising tools, this platform only reaches the audience with a keen interest in your Products. It will choose customers according to many criteria like location, demographics, etc. In this way, your brand awareness will reach an authentic audience.

  • Feedback:

This is one of the best reasons to choose this platform. Usually, brands or companies make their global-based marketing strategies and choose different ways for promotions and invest massive amounts of money for it. If it does not work, the results are collected at the end of the specific period. Still, considering this platform, you will get authentic analysis and data about how your ad is performing.

  • Banner creation:

Creating a banner for your product promotion is not that difficult. Different types of templates are available on this website, and you don’t need to hire a technically skilled staff all you need is to choose the appropriate template and customize your product description.

  • Pricing:

Digital marketing has high demand in this digital era, and various platforms charge big budgets for brand promotion, but this platform is budget-friendly and affordable; apart from that, it also offers budget-saving features. It starts with $5 per day, which is quite reasonable.

What are the key features of the Qureka Banner?

This advertisement tool has various vital features, which we discussed below, one by one.

  1. Adjustable ads: Qureka can be run on mobile and other devices and automatically fits into your screen. All the designs of the ads are fit to screen whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop. It ensures the clear ad visibility. In this way, your ads will reach the targeted and maximum consumers.
  2. Templates: This platform contains pre-defined and designed banners that help you to design your marketing ad quickly. Your job is to fill in your brand’s colors and choose the text and attractive images. No high technical skills are required to build a banner. Making banners with these tools is now fast and easy.
  3. Save capital and time: So, it deals with third-party services to ensure workflow. This connection will save you money, time, and energy as you find everything in one place. This mechanism lets you connect your ad account, analytic tool, etc., to save your efforts.
  4. Centric Method: Even more, Numerous ad blockers are available on the Google Play store, which helps you block unnecessary ads. Considering this problem, this platform is user-centric, meaning users choose to view the ads. This method helps reduce botherless.
  5. Collect information: This platform provides authentic and massive information about user behavior and interests. This beneficial piece of information is collected through quizzes and games. Companies or businesses use this information to create marketing strategies.

How to create a Qureka Banner? (key points)

If you have chosen Qureka as your business’s advertising partner or platform, consider the instructions below before designing an ad banner on this platform.

  1. Clear and concise Message: The message should be clear and concise. If you are designing your ad banner, make sure your brand message is precise and clear. This means that short communication in a meaningful way. Brand awareness should be made so that consumers can understand what service you are providing at first glance.
  2. Image selection: Qureka provides templates, and you have to select images and text. Always choose the image that justifies your brand. A suitable image will attract customer attention more effectively. The color scheme is also an essential part of any advertisement. Do not compromise on image quality.
  3. Engage Audience: Digital marketing has numerous tactics to engage the audience.  But this platform uses an entirely different format: answering the questions, playing games and puzzles, etc. All three formats should be related to your product and designed excitingly to engage consumers.
  4. Improve banner:
  5. This advertising website provides feedback based on authentic analysis that allows businesses to improve their banner. This feedback is based on the information about the banner’s performance. You will also get an idea of where lacks in your banner.

What are the Benefits of using the Qureka Banner as an advertising tool?

  1. Banners are placed on websites and apps where it finds its related/ targeted audience. In this way, it eliminates the unnecessary pop-ads format and only shows to the related audience.
  2. This advertising tool is one of the most valuable and affordable. The pricing starts at just $5 per day. Additional saving features, like running ads in specific parts of the day, are also available.
  3. This platform’s exciting and attractive benefit is its various rewards and prizes. Users can play different games and solve quizzes on this website, so in the end, if they win, they will get rewards from Qureka.
  4. Creating ads and optimization is easy. Pre-designed Templates are available; users can choose any of them according to their marketing and brand needs. Insert text and image, and you are done.
  5. However, you can easily make changes to existing ad banners if your pre-created ads do not work. Changing images and text or layout of the banner is possible and fast within Qureka.
  6. Banners designed on this website are versatile. These ads can efficiently run on many social media and other platforms. Now your products can be seen on any website you want and where the interested customers are found.

How do I use the Qureka Banner?

  1. To use the Qureka Banner, you have to make registration. Provide your credentials and sign up for Qureka.
  2. As you sign up, the website interface will be open. Choose your desired template that suits your company.
  3. After selecting banner templates now, it turns to insert images, text, and colors. Choose attractive and appropriate colors and images that genuinely justify your product.
  4. So, it has a special bundle of special effects like animation, etc. These effects will make your banner better or eye-catching.
  5. After making all changes and previewing your banners, now it’s time to share them on websites or social media platforms where you want.
  6. These are the few steps that you should follow before creating your banner and publishing it.


What is the Qureka Banner?

Qureka Banners is an advertising website where different businesses and companies create their banners with the help of pre-made templates. This is an affordable and valuable platform that leads your brand to an actual and real audience.

What type of businesses can use Qureka?

Qureka is for all types and kinds of businesses. No matter whether your business is small or on a large scale, newly introduced in the market. It is affordable and suits all types of companies.

Is it Qureka is the device responsive?

Yes, your banners designed through this tool can be run on any device, tablet, mobile, or desktop. Now, authentic and real audiences will see your banners on different platforms easily.

How does this platform help to improve banners?

When you launch your product banner, it will analyze and collect data about the banner’s performance. Similarly, this tool allows you to easily change your advertising banners.

Wrapping up:

In conclusion, this post is concerned with popular advertising and banners, creating a website that is suitable for all businesses. Qureka platform is affordable and easy to use. This tool’s strategy for promoting your product is slightly different from other websites. Thanks for hitting.

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