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Re-thinking Supply Chains: The Crucial Role Of Resilience

by Victor

As the business world continues to evolve, supply chain resilience has become an increasingly important topic of discussion. With the pandemic causing significant disruption and uncertainty for businesses around the globe, many industries have come to realise that their supply chains need to be more resilient in order to remain agile and robust. This article will discuss why supply chain resilience is so important and what changes can be made to increase visibility and reduce disruptions.

What Is Supply Chain Resilience?

Supply chain resilience refers to the ability of a business (or industry) to adapt quickly and effectively in times of disruption or uncertainty. This involves making sure that all areas of operations are able to adjust quickly without suffering too much impact or suffering losses due to these changes. In order for a business’s supply chain to be resilient, it needs to have excellent visibility into all its operations – from procurement and production, right through to delivery. This requires strong communication between different departments as well as collaboration with suppliers and other external stakeholders such as customers.

The Benefits Of Having A Resilient Supply Chain

Having a resilient supply chain allows businesses to remain agile despite any disruptions they may face along the way. It also reduces risks associated with unexpected changes such as delays in deliveries or sudden price fluctuations which can have a negative impact on profits if not managed properly. Additionally, having a resilient supply chain can help reduce costs by ensuring that resources are used efficiently and that processes are optimised for maximum efficiency. Finally, it enables businesses to gain better control over their operations by providing greater visibility into all areas of their operations – something which is essential when trying to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Overall, having a resilient supply chain is essential for businesses who want to remain competitive in an ever-changing business world. By increasing visibility into all areas of operations, businesses can ensure that they are able to respond quickly and effectively when faced with disruptive events or unexpected changes in the market. Furthermore, having a resilient supply chain helps reduce risks associated with these events while also enabling cost savings through efficient resource usage and process optimisation. All in all, it’s clear that having a resilient supply chain is key for any business who wants stay ahead of their competition in today’s fast-paced world!

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