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Removing Broken Glass from Your Garbage Disposal with Plumbing Service

by Victor

If there is a broken glass cutting through the bottom of your garbage disposal, it might damage the unit. It may even injure you while removing it. But a proper way should be followed to make it right. You need to be safe when using garbage disposal to remove glass waste from it. Here are some tips from plumbing services Heartland to guide you through the process:

Turn Off the Power:

Before you grab at the broken glass in your garbage disposal, make sure you cut off the source first. Find the switch or circuit breaker that is attached to the disposal and shut it off to prevent it from activating itself and ruining your work. Safety should be the top priority whenever dealing with broken glass and electrical appliances.

Wear Protective Gear:

Shredded glass may be shard endangering you so you should be cautious during the process of removing it. Put on thick gloves to protect your hands from scratches and cuts, and use safety goggles to prevent your eyes from the flying objects. Also do not wear loose clothes that may get caught on the shredder.

Use Pliers or Tongs:

First, verify that the power is off and the disaster suit is on you. Then, closely examine the area around the garbage disposal for the broken glass. Please resist sticking your hands into the disposal bin to avoid any possible harm. Instead, you need a pair of pliers or a tong that is capable of grabbing the larger shards from the machine.

Vacuum or magnet:

Try to remove visible pieces of broken glass. Carefully absorb any small pieces or debris left in the removal process with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to attach a hose so that, you can use a strong magnet to attract metal fragments. These fragments may be hiding in the unit. You need to do cleaning thoroughly to ensure all glass particles are removed.

Rinse with water:

After removing broken glass from the garbage disposal, run cold water through the filter. Try to do this for a few minutes to help wash away any remaining debris. This will help get rid of pieces of glass stuck in the exhaust pipes or walls. Avoid using hot water, as it spreads glass fragments and makes them harder to remove.

Try the exhaust:

Flush the garbage disposal with water. Later on, turn the power back on and test the unit to make sure it works properly. Run some food scraps or ice through the exhaust to help wash and stick to the lines. If you notice any unusual noise or problems with the exhaust system, contact plumbing services Heartland. They will carry out a professional inspection and repair.

The End Comment: 

Removing broken glass from your trash can requires care and the right tools. These tips from plumbing services Heartland, you can safely tackle this project. Following them will get your gutters back in full working order. If you experience any complications during the procedure, seek professional help from Mesquite Plumbing Company. They will help to prevent further damage or injury.

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