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Serverwala Melbourne VPS Hosting: It is Best for Your Online Business

by Uneeb Khan

When you think about launching your website online, there is no doubt that several factors might confront you immediately while you make a decision on selecting the web hosting service. It may include proper consideration of factors such as design, development and domain. On the execution front, the design or development will be handled by a developer, however, for you; the most important step is to choose the best web host for your business.

There are many hosting solutions that are now available in the market such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, Word Press hosting, dedicated server, VPS hosting and much more.

Indeed, as of now, you must have completed your search and thinking if you need to go for the option of shared hosting or perhaps Melbourne VPS hosting.

You are now required to decide if you want a much more advanced feature to function your site with yet if you can’t seem to monetarily commit to cloud or dedicated hosting then VPS is an option best suited to commence your online journey.

What is Melbourne VPS Hosting?

  • A service for websites that experiences high traffic
  • It can assist you to expand your business websites
  • Best suited for the ones in need of a customizable server
  • Personal websites or blogs
  • It is the best option for resources of a dedicated server

Features of Serverwala Melbourne VPS Hosting for Company

Cloud Infrastructure

It can improve the performance of your site by giving the best output. Most of the VPS plans can be deployed on a cloud infrastructure by built-in SSD storage offering you excellent reliability and execution. They even offer some of the best yet cheap plans for Windows users who opt for VPS hosting.

Solid-State Drives

VPS hosting in Melbourne provides SSD drives that represent a fast and durable way of functioning. It also expands the speed of the site delivering you an incredible online experience.

Dashboard Monitoring: Resources

When you get complete root access then that becomes compulsory to observe the resources present in the dashboard. Hence as a feature, you get this service in the Melbourne VPS hosting plan. According to a straightforward as well as the user-friendly dashboard, it is easy to perform multiple actions such as monitoring the memory usage, rebooting VPS, loading the server or managing other additional configurations present at your server.

Freedom to pick Operating Systems

VPS hosting in Melbourne allows you to have the independence to effortlessly choose and pick from different operating systems. You can freely complete this process as per your business needs.

Multiple Websites Hosting

As one of its finest features, you can host several websites from one single virtual personal server underneath the VPS account.

Advance Security

When you work with Melbourne VPS Hosting, you can leave all your worries behind in regards to the safety of the data. They do not share your information with other websites. They also provide you with protection from ongoing cyber-attacks.

Robust Infrastructure The user gets an infrastructure that matches Dell, Cisco, HP and Supermirco. In other words, you can obtain the best working servers in the best operational resilience.

Robust Infrastructure

Client Review

VPS Hosting in Melbourne is great:

I am using this VPS plan for a while now, and whenever I hit a roadblock of issues, the Melbourne VPS team is ever ready for help under all circumstances.

Dependable service support:

“Shikha” has dependable service support, simple to follow and is extremely helpful.

Advantages of VPS Hosting in Melbourne

  • Entire authority over the server, while also getting full SSH access on your VPS server.
  • Assured- When you do not communicate any resource information with another website directly, the designated hosting account can be assuredly safe and secure.
  • Likewise, you will also earn enough implementation, the same as expected from a dedicated resource.

VPS Hosting provides multiple Linux OS options as well with the addition of entire root SSH access. There is an option available for you to determine the OS system of your preference. The most functional choices are:

  • Fedora
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • cPanel VPS hosting
  • Debian

When you are looking out for a much more manageable method to handle a server of Linux VPS hosting than Melbourne VPS Hosting can turn out to be a suitable choice of option for you and your requirements. There is no need for anxiety; the control panel can simplify the VPS management assignments. Untiring the control pannel and managing websites while motioning emails & databases can be rather easy and it can also help you in cPanel and Plesk.

Trustable Feature offered by Serverwala

  • High-quality customer support- BestVPS Hosting gets you the best of the best support in the concern of the website. You can stay connected with them all hours of the day. And when you need them to answer in case of any issue appearance, they make sure to deliver you the best possible service.
  • Highest Uptime- Best VPS Hosting can offer you up to 99.90% of uptime. Because they are positioned on tiers 3 & 4 of the data centre, in a way guaranteeing trustworthiness and safety of the top-notch performance.
  • Full Root Access- Best VPS Hosting enables you to have control and access to the server while not experiencing any restrictions. They give you to choose the OS according to the business needs..


Melbourne VPS Hosting truthfully delivers you a developed VPS hosting assistance at a cost that is unmatchable to other providers in the market. In quite a quick span, it has generated the trust of many users, simply cause of the relentless commitment to match the features of great quality that is being promised.

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