Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation


OMDI provide sewage treatment plant installation, design, and maintenance for residential and commercial premises throughout the UK at OMDI. Their team of specialists offers a fully finished package with over 20 years of expertise in designing and installing sewage treatment plants.

What is a sewage treatment plant?

Your sewage and waste are treated in distinct facilities. The sewage treatment plant processes your wastewater and sewage independently of the public water mains. It creates clean water suitable for discharge straight into a stream or ditch, thanks to an environmentally beneficial procedure that is free of chemicals.

It’s a good option if your home is far away from a sewage system. They typically require power to function, as well as regular servicing and emptying.

How do sewage treatment plants work?

Air is circulated through a sewage treatment plant to encourage the formation of naturally occurring germs that degrade wastewater. The objective is to produce a waste product that is less harmful to the environment.

The goal of this method is to clean the water so that it’s safe for fish and plants to live in proximity. Before discharging non-polluting wastewater into a nearby stream or river without posing a hazard to fish or plant life living in the region, contaminants must be removed.

What are the benefits of installing a sewage treatment plant?

Whether you own a home or a business property, if you generate wastewater, you might profit from the installation of a sewage treatment facility.

Here are five major advantages of adopting one:

Minimal odour –Excessive air pollution, erosion and compaction of the soil and topsoil, lack of fertilization, pesticides and herbicides, excessive moisture in the soil (because of overcropping), agricultural chemicals and their by-products that accumulate in surface water bodies, as well as poor drainage all contribute to bad smells.

No sewage bills – Most people are unaware of the fact that using public sewers costs money. Having your own wastewater treatment facility will save you money by eliminating the cost of sending wastewater into overburdened public sewers.

Little maintenance required – After you’ve completed the initial stages of sewage treatment, all you have to do is maintain your sewage plant running smoothly. Sludge should be removed every two years, and the system should be serviced on a regular basis.

Reuse and recycle – The environmentally-safe product can then be reused or discharged into the environment once wastewater has been treated. Many individuals are now utilizing sewage treatment plant sludge as a renewable energy source.

Environmentally-friendly – The basic principles of wastewater treatment plants are based on natural processes that remove pollutants and generate clean, non-polluting effluent that can be discharged directly into a stream or ditch.

Bespoke sewage treatment plant solutions

Choosing the perfect plant for your needs might be tough because there are numerous manufacturers and alternatives to choose from. OMDI install a range of treatment plants from well-known providers including Klargester, Tricel, Vortex, Falcon, Condor, and Bio Cell as an independent company.

OMDI will go through the specifics of your facility and wastewater output during an initial consultation, before giving you a professional opinion on which product is best suited to your needs. All of OMDI’ss commercial and domestic installations are EN12566-3 certified and CE Marked, as mandated by UK law for all new facilities.

Commercial sewage treatment plants

OMDI installs tanks of all sizes, from 6PE to 200PE and beyond, for larger commercial properties. There are numerous types of systems available, including electric and non-electric ones, each with different advantages. OMDI will analyse each system and its benefits, as well as any potential drawbacks, to help you determine the finest choice for your needs.

Why choose OMDI?

At OMDI, they take pleasure in providing hands-on, customized service. We are a family-owned company that values developing personal connections with our customers and understanding their individual requirements in order to deliver them the most effective system possible for their property.

If you want to know more about OMDI, please fill out their contact form. You will deal with one of their team members from start to finish.

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