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Shopsy: Best Online Shop For Man and Women Trends 2024

by Victor

Shopsy is an Indian B2C shopping online network. It is one of the popular e-commerce websites on Flipkart. Flipkart is an e-commerce India company in which vendors sell their products, and in return, Flipkart earns a commission.

Shopsy is a Flipkart project, and it is a commission-free e-commerce site. In this post, we will delve into shopsy details.

How does Shopsy work?

Shopsy is a Flipkart company project, which is a well-known e-commerce website. Shopsy app helps sellers sell their products online on this popular website or app without paying any commission in India. It’s a free-selling website that has a variety of products to sell.

It helps local brands to grow their business and to reach actual customers all over the country. It was introduced in 2021, but soon, this platform became popular because of its trusted and reliable delivery.

What are the various benefits of using the Shopsy application?

benefits of using the Shopsy application

Please read the following mentioned benefits of this shopping application.

  • Friendly-interface:

The interface of this shopping website is user-friendly. Whether you are using an app or navigating a website, both are very convenient, and customers can easily search for their favourite products. They can easily compare prices, which makes shopping easy and valuable.

  • Product variety:

The key benefit of this shopping platform is its variety of products. Customers can shop for home groceries, fashion, electronics, and much more in just a few steps. Apart from that, this shop app will deliver all these category products offered by thousands of trusted sellers in the whole country.

  • Secure payment gateway:

This platform offers one of the most secure and robust payment gateway. Different payment gateways are supported on this e-commerce website, and thus, safe and secure payment or dealings between sellers and buyers occur.

  • Competitive prices:

The price range, as compared to other websites, is quite reasonable and different. It will be worth your money, and you will get the best deals here. This application also offers discounts and sales on different products, which can help you easily save money.

  • Customer Review:

Shopsy online shopping gives great importance to customer reviews and ratings. All the honest reviews are clearly mentioned in all product descriptions. This will help customers choose the right and real-value products.

How does the shopsy business model work?

As we mentioned earlier, this project is an e-commerce shopping website or application by Flipkart. But it is slightly different from it in terms of business. Flipkart earns a commission, and Shopsy does not charge any commission from the seller between the price range of 150 to 699. It means any product whose price lies within this price range will be charged a 0 % commission.

It is one of the most convenient platforms for small-range businesses, as there is no need for trademark registration on this platform. It is a budget-friendly feature. Although this platform does not charge commissions, it collects revenue through ads.

This platform is light on the pocket because if you are on a low budget and cannot afford a professional photo shoot, it allows you to take pictures from your mobile and post them for product promotion or catalogue.

Why should I choose Shopsy? (facts)

There are several reasons to choose Shopsy online as your shopping platform. We are going to list some of them below.

  • Wide selection:

15 crore plus trusted products are listed on this platform from various categories. Nearly all products, from fashion to grocery, are mentioned on this platform.

  • Trusted suppliers:

The suppliers on this platform are trusted, and nearly 1 lac plus trusted supplier of Flipkart is there providing its services.

  • Reliable delivery:

The delivery by Shopsy is reliable. It takes only seven days. You will receive your products within seven working days.

What are the unique features of shopsy?

Please read the following features of the Shopsy shopping platform. Even more, it provides the easy and one-click Shopsy app download link in Play store.

  • Products Quality:

The quality of the products is excellent as compared to other e-commerce websites. It is an awesome feature of this platform because it has vast categories of products and does not compromise on their quality. So order your favourite products now with zero risk of quality damage.

  • Customer support:

This platform has created an efficient and hard-working team for customer support. This team is available 24 hours daily to solve customer problems and queries.

  • Payment gateway:

With other useful features, this website also has the safest and most convenient payment gateways. Customer can pay their payments when they receive their parcel or order. Cash on delivery is considered the most comfortable and convenient method, and this platform supports such a method.

  • Referral program:

Compared to other e-commerce websites, this platform supports a referral program with which you can make several sales and increase the sign-up for the website, which results in a large audience joining this platform.

  • Regional centric:

This shopping application is regional-centric as it is a project of Flipkart company, which is a popular Indian e-commerce website. This application is a project of this company and works only in India.

How do you create a Reseller account on Shopsy?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to create a reseller account on this shopping website. You can make money by creating your reseller ecommerce account by simply choosing products and selling them without investment.

  1. Shopsy has launched its mobile app; you must download and install it.
  2. After installation, click on the “Start Earning” option.
  3. Enter your mobile number currently running on your mobile.
  4. As you enter the number, you will receive the OTP to confirm it.
  5. As you verified the OTP, you are now part of this earning platform, enter Shopsy login details and start selling products and earning money.

How do you register as a seller on the Shopsy platform? (complete method)

To register on this website to create seller accounts, follow the easy steps below.

  1. To create your account or register yourself, you must enter details like GSTIN, mobile number, email ID, bank, PAN card number, and Cancelled cheque.
  2. After creating your user account, you can easily register your account as a seller by scrolling down.
  3. When you scroll down, you will see “ sell on shopsy.” As you click on this option, the seller dashboard will be open.
  4. Enter your details first, your mobile number and then your email address. Verify your mobile number by verifying OTP.
  5. Now, enter your username and create your strong password.
  6. After entering your personal details, a new window will open as Flipkart Seller Hub, and there, you need to enter the pick-up address with the area code.
  7. After that, on the new window, you should enter your business details like GSTIN number along with PAN number.
  8. Be careful while entering your technical or business details. When your details are complete, write a good store name and product description to attract customers to your products.
  9. Make sure the store name you create is coherent and easy to remember, as when customers search for it, they will find you directly. This will also increase the impression number.

How to withdraw money from shopsy?

  1. If you have added your bank account, you can directly withdraw your earned amount. However, if you have not added an account, then add your account first.
  2. log in to your Shopsy account from your browser or app and navigate to the Earning section. There, you will see the Add Bank Account.
  3. after filling in the required details in the given field, tap on continue and save the information.
  4. As details are verified, your account will be added to this platform.
  5. Now, you can easily withdraw money whenever you want. The minimum limit for withdrawing money is only 100 rupees. It will take 2 to 3 working days to receive money in your bank account.

Key points to know while choosing Shopsy:

Following are some key points that you should know to become a seller on this platform.

  1. On Shopsy flipkart, you don’t need to pay any commission fee. There are 0% commission fees on this network.
  2. If you are on Flipkart then when you register on shopsy then automatically your products list will be displayed on this network because it is associated with Flipkart and its project.
  3. As compared to Flipkart this platform is more convenient and it promotes local businesses. The registration is also free for brand.
  4. The one key points that differentiate this platform from other is its 151 to 600 Rupees free selling feature.
  5. If you are already a part of Flipkart then you can achieve more trust and huge audience.

Wrapping up:

Shopsy is online shopping and e-commerce application which sells nearly 15 crore vast categories products. It is an opportunist platform for small businesses or for the newbies. There are no registration fees or commission on selling products with low prices from 151 to 600 rupees. It allow you to choose safest and secure payment gateway. I hope this post will provide all related information you want. Thanks for visiting.


Is it joining shopsy is free?

Yes, it is absolutely free to register yourself or brand on this platform. You can increase your customers or traffic by referring your store on social media.

Is shopsy support small businesses?

Yes, this platform is specially established for small and local brands. With ease of use it is also a best opportunity for small businesses to grow fastly with low budget.

What is Shopsy Care Customer number?

Here is the Shopsy Customer Care No. 044-6741 5858

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