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Should you choose an online estate agent for buying or selling property

by Victor

Pretty much everything these days we manage everything online from our connected devices and for the most, you could argue the service is far quicker, smoother and easier to navigate. But when it comes to buying and selling houses, many people prefer to visit their local estate agents. Can the same be said for selling your house online? But if you are thinking of putting your home up for sale, it is worth starting to get everything in order, and you must start with a free property valuation

With the vast majority of sellers still entrusting the sale of their property to a traditional estate agent, choosing the wrong one means you could be stuck with them for weeks.

Should I use an online estate agent? Is selling my house online easy? Can I trust online agents? Will I get a reasonable price for my property?  These are some of the most common questions you would need answers to when you are in search of online estate agents.

Who Are Online Estate Agents and What Do They Do?

Online estate agents all have the same framework as high street agents, though different individual agents offer additional services at an added cost that will potentially increase your chances of selling your home. The online estate agents will:

  • Evaluate your property,
  • Take photos or short videos of the property
  • Create a listing that will be displayed on major property websites
  • They will respond to queries regarding your property, though you will typically have to conduct viewings yourself.

Online estate agents generally charge a lower fixed up-front fee than traditional estate agents and provide everything you need to get your property noticed on the market — photos, floorplans and listings on real estate websites. Most online agents will arrange viewings and give you feedback on viewings and offer you the best deals via an online dashboard. You will receive much support in sales negotiation and progression. Some websites usually add an extra charge if you want the online agent to conduct viewings.

Unlike the earlier traditions of real estate agent dealings, the service offered by online estate agents was hands-off, leaving you, the seller, to write up the marketing information, negotiate with buyers and conduct the viewings. But now, the online estate agents have added packages and offer a more flexible estate agency service. Like, some now offer customer self viewings, no sale no fee packages etc.

Benefits of Choosing Online Estate Agents

Property sellers benefit from the reduced costs of operating online, alongside access to local property networks, that assist with the valuation, negotiation, sales progression and viewings.

Take a look below reasons why people choose online estate agents:

  • Online estate agents are lots cheaper than traditional high street agents, as you work on a one-off fixed fee.
  • You can your business personally; Deal directly with the potential buyers yourself 24/7 giving you full control
  • The online estate agent’s service is more flexible, because you can choose which services you need from an online agent, and that can impact the cost accordingly. Eg. Viewings + Marketing Strategy
  • Online provides clarity on the procedure of sale and keeps you updated throughout your journey of business.
  • You can book a valuation 24/7 with a click of a button
  • Talk directly to buyers and offers on the properties
  • Accept offers
  • Send sales documentation instantly
  • Most accurate price for your property, from an expert
  • Continuing with flexibility, you get 12 months of property marketing and can choose to take your property on and off the market as and when you like
  • Security of your local estate agents office & visiting someone in person if required

Why A Trusted And Reputable Online Estate Agent Could Make Buying or Selling Your Property Easier:

Local Network

If you decide to use the services of a digital estate agent, choose a firm focused on your region. They may have a much better understanding of the local area and demographics than a centralised company.

Lower Fees

Online estate agents can provide you with quality service, meaning that you could save thousands of pounds in brokerage fees. So you can maximise the value of your house sale without increasing the asking price.

Flexible Plans

Online estate agents are agile by nature and take a more flexible, dynamic approach to the property market. They work around your needs and budget to deliver a service that’s right for you.

Fast Valuations

Many traditional estate agents are not well-versed with digital services, meaning it can be a long and tiresome process. To remove the hassle of delay in receiving multiple quotes from different agents, online agents are available 24/7. This cuts down the overall time on your house sale.

Digital Marketing

Online estate agents will ensure that your property receives optimum exposure and get you connected in their wide online networks during those initial days and weeks on the market. As a result, they’re more likely to find a buyer and perhaps even secure a higher price for your property.

Property Listings

They are constantly generating a catalogue of new houses for sale, and those searching for properties have more choices available. Instead of mindlessly hunting around town looking for the latest listings, you can simply browse the regularly updated pages online for houses in your area and price range.

Personal Documentation Assistance

Reputable online estate agents still use personal visits for key stages of your property dealings. Such as home inspection, property photos, and measurements and write a tailored description of your property.

Decision-Making Capacity

Some online estate agents give you the option of managing offers and negotiations yourself, you can see the fit and set criteria for your sale or buy.

Strong Reputation

Online reviews by previous customers mean that any credible estate agent should have feedback to support their claims and give you trust in their service.


If you are happy to be in control of the house selling process, with more of a secondary support network from your online estate agent, who will put the house on the market, organising viewings and broker the deal, with you being the face of your property, then this is probably a great option for you. Overall, it comes down to time versus money – how much of either do you have to spend, and which is more valuable to you.

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