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Social media slang app (short form translation)

by Uneeb Khan

People nowadays are hyperactive on social media on different platforms of social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. These platforms make life much easier even people from different countries can also communicate with each other. People usually communicate on social media through acronyms or different lingos that take much time to figure out. During the conversation among two or more people acronyms like BTW, TBH, TFW, LMK, etc are used causally to comment and caption.

It becomes essential to guard yourself with the awareness about social media slang if you are a social media freak and spend most of your time in conversation through commenting or writing with people. This slang will assist you to understand what the other person wants to convey.

 Moreover, several acronyms are also being used in business meetings in the time of sailing product or preparing market. In the case of supervising or managing the data of the client, the user must be able to understand the utmost social media slang. This will not only help to adapt what the actual audience wants to say but also makes you capable how to speak in their language.

So it becomes more significant to understand what these stand for. We have shortlisted some social media slang with a short-form translation that is frequently being used and nowadays is in trend.

LoL    Laugh Out Loud

Brb     Be Right Back

Btw      By The Way

Ttyl     Talk to you later

Dm     Direct Message

G2g/ GTG    Go to Go

IDC      I don’t care

HBD     Happy Birthday

Fomo   Fear of missing out

Fbf     Flashback Friday

DYK     Do you know?

CTA     Call to action

AMA Ask me anything

RT            Retweet

Ootd    Outfit of today

FAQ      Frequently asked questions

Totes    Totally

Adorbs   Adorable

Tbh        To be Honest

TBT      Throwback Thursday

·  Social media acronyms for business:

In some business meetings, some acronyms are being used continuously. Users may use them typically for meetings and communications but all of them are equally useful for social media specifically in the relevant niche.

B2b – Business to Business. It refers to organizations that are served to fulfill the requirements of other businesses.

B2C – Business to Consumer. It denotes selling product companies or providing services directly to clients.  

CMGR – Community manager. These kinds of managers are responsible to arrange and nurturing the relationship of the brand with the community.

CMS – Content Manager System. This system facilitates the user through some tools for scheduling, editing, and publishing any kind of written data for the website.

· Some technical terms for the market to understand:

This kind of term is not being used on regular basis but if you are a tech person or managing social media, in this case, knowing these terms can assist you to engage with the audience of the brand. These kinds of terms are quite useful in the conversation of the IT team.

API—Application Programming Interface

CX—Customer experience

ESP—Email Service Provider

GA—Google Analytics

ISP—Internet Service Provider

PV—page views

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