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Space Saving Tips for Your Bedroom

by Victor

Your bedroom is most likely your sanctuary, and if you are anything like the average person, it is also probably pretty full of ‘things and stuff’. Bedrooms can often never seem to be big enough for all the clothes, products and activities we want to do in there, so finding some space-saving techniques could make quite the difference to how much room you have left.

This piece is going to take a look at some of the space saving tips you can use for your bedroom to keep it clean and tidy.

Let’s get into it.

Take Advantage of Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are one of those objects that are not always thought of when it comes to making the most of a room, but they are something small that can make a big impact. Corners often end up being a void space and instead you can go floor to ceiling with shelves.

Corner shelves are excellent for lamps, books, ornaments and photos, or plants. They can be a great place for you to put your personalized items that make your bedroom feel like ‘you’ without having to sacrifice storage or surface space for other things.

While you’re at it, think about where else you could put a shelf – above the doorway, above the window – what about very thin ones behind the door? The more you use your walls, the more room you’ll have to move around.

Start Mounting Objects

Wall space in rooms is often abundant, and it can be difficult to see all of that space go to waste! While many people will not want a cluttered look and being able to see the walls is a vital part of that, there are some objects that can be mounted which will not only make your life easier but will also save you space. A fine example of this could be using tv mounts. If you mount your TV on your wall, you no longer have to have a TV stand and everything that entails on your bedroom floor. You can also level it, so it is the perfect height to your bed or desk, instead of having to compromise with how high your TV unit is. If you get a swivel one, you also don’t have to put it in exactly the right place if that is unsuitable.

Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage is another excellent tip in space saving. If you have not got a bed that provides a space or underneath storage, purchasing one could make a significant difference to organizing your room. Having a large space under your bed does give you more leeway in terms of what you use that space for but having a bed with built-in storage can look much more chic and put together. Either way, if you have a solid bed frame that is simply a block, that is wasted storage space potential!

Get Rolling

Rolling your clothes up was a hack that Mary Kondo inspired the general public with during lockdown, and it is something that will never be forgotten. Rolling your clothes up can not only make it easier to see what clothes you have available, but it can also free up drawer space and let you put everything away at once!

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