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Most people who are into photography are well aware that composition is fundamental. Unless a beginner can creep in doubt about. Where to start when studying this art form. And even despite the fact that everyone has heard the principle that it is impossible to place an object right in the center of the frame, it is still worth recalling what the Rule of Thirds is based on and how it is applied in portrait and street photography.

Rule of thirds: a quick guide

According to this rule, the photograph is mentally divided into a grid with nine equal parts, which are formed by two horizontal and vertical lines. These lines intersect four times, and it is around these points that it is desirable to place objects in the frame. This draws the viewer’s eye to the important subject in the most natural way.

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Portrait photography

Portrait photography provides a great opportunity to practice applying the Rule of Thirds because, unlike street photography, the photographer has plenty of time to position their subject the way they want to, to get the right composition, and get a perfectly balanced shot.

In the photo above. You can see that the subject’s face is not in any of the four intersections. But in the middle – in the “dead center of the photo”. Although, of course, this is how we would see the world around us and any objects if we looked directly, nevertheless, the central position of the object in the frame does not make the photo attractive and can look quite awkward.

Placing your subject along the third frame makes the photo more enjoyable.

If you align the object, not in the center but based on the vertical line on the right, in our case, the photo will be much easier for visual perception. The picture becomes interesting for the audience. This works great for a portrait as well as street photography.

Street photography

Street photography is an image of people and the environment captured in life, in their natural state, where the photographer must blend in with the background, be invisible and not influence what is happening in the frame with his presence.

There is no setting in street photography, so, of course, you can’t waste a minute. When you get the opportunity to take a shot. The photographer may only have a few seconds to take a photo before the subject continues to move or leaves.

However, the principles of the Rule of Thirds are strictly applied. Capturing breathtaking photographs can be achieved by using intersection points as landmarks for object placement.

In the photo, the object is placed along a vertical line.

Practice creates excellence

Use the Rule of Thirds even in group photography.

This quick start guide will get you started. The important step is to get out and practice as much as possible. The Rule of Thirds is a useful technique. Especially for getting started with photography. And must be perfectly mastered in order to further develop your own preferences and style.

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