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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Rubbish Removal Company

by Victor

Managing and disposing of rubbish can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially if you have a lot of waste. That’s why many homeowners and businesses hire a professional rubbish removal company to take care of their waste management needs. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of hiring a licensed waste removal company in your area.

1) Convenience and Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a company to remove your rubbish/waste, is  convenience and efficiency. A reputable local rubbish removal company will have the experience and equipment to remove any type of waste. This may include large bulky items, wardrobes, fridge freezers, garden sheds, beds, construction waste etc.

Did you know that your business can claim back the expenses of having your waste removed at the end of the tax year. Waste removal services can be booked as a one of or on a regular basis, which is generally suited towards businesses.

2) Saves Time and Money

Hiring a professional rubbish removal company saves you time. You don’t need to purchase any equipment or hire a trailer or van to transport the waste. No unsightly skips sitting outside your property. Instead, you can focus on organising the waste that you want to clear and leave the rest to the professionals.

Did you know that in Northern Ireland most recycling centres require that you book an appointment. You must bring a copy of your ID and some local councils require you to also bring a utility bill which shows your address. You also must sort your waste into recyclable materials and landfill waste prior to your visit.

Hiring a skip comes with restrictions, each company will have a list of prohibited items on their website. If you add any prohibited items into the skip, you will be charged extra. Save yourself the time, hassle and stress and hire the services of a local rubbish collection service.

3) Reduce Health Risks

Rubbish removal can be hazardous depending on the type of waste that you are removing. Asbestos, chemicals, acid batteries, garden pesticides all pose a risk to human health.

Reduce your risk of injury and exposure to harmful materials. Licensed rubbish removal companies in your area are experience at handing all types of waste. They also know what facilities in your area can process hazardous waste. Certain types of waste, asbestos, fuels, batteries, medical waste, require a consignment number to track their movement. This ensures that these types of waste are disposed of safely.

4) Environmentally Friendly

Professional rubbish removal companies are obligated to recycle as much waste as possible, reducing the environmental impact. They will sort your waste into recyclable materials, wood, metals, plastic, paper, cardboard etc. This greatly reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, lowers co2 emissions and reduces your carbon footprint.

5) Compliance with Regulations

Disposing of rubbish is not as simple as throwing it in the bin. There are regulations and guidelines set out by your local authority that must be followed to ensure the safe disposal of waste. As I mentioned earlier hazardous waste cannot be thrown into your bin that is used for household waste. It is also recommend that paint, cooking oil, motor oil, batteries, fluorescent tubes are taken to your local recycling centre.

If you are unsure on the legal obligations associated with any type of waste, call you local council.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Rubbish Removal Company

Hiring a professional rubbish removal company can provide numerous benefits.  Including convenience, efficiency, saves time, money, reduces health risks, environmentally friendly and compliant with local policies. A simple google search for the phrase “rubbish removal near me” will display companies in your area who can help with waste disposal.

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