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The best space-saving storage products

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Both at home and at work, there are many ways you can save space with storage products from shelves, racks and boxes to many other storage solutions.  There are many options that can help you get rid of the clutter and keep organised. Here are some of the best space saving storage solutions.


Whether they are wall-mounted or freestanding, shelves remain one of the most commonly chosen storage solutions. You can have them from bottom to top of the wall or just affix a few shelves at a comfortable height for you. They are versatile in their size, materials and durability. For more lightweight storage, plastic and wire shelves may be best while for heavy items metal and wood shelves are recommended. They can vary in size to fit only where you need them to.

Wall storage

Apart from shelves you can also fix louvre panels and pegboards to the wall. Alternatively, you can choose freestanding ones that you move around as you desire. With louvres and peg boards you can choose how to organise them and store things from small tools to documents and papers. With louvres you simply attach bins in which you can store your items or papers, while peg boards are perforated on one or both sides so you can attach hooks to hang your items.

Storage bins

When it comes to storage bins you have quite a few options. There are the normal plastic bins, collapsible ones, stackable bins and even some made from fabric.

Plastic bins

Plastic bins can encompass all of the options that we have already mentioned for storage bins. They can be stackable or collapsible. Since they come in a variety of sizes they can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used at work to hold tools or for deliveries of smaller items, also smaller ones can be used as holders for louvre boards or to hold office supplies and stationery. They can be used around the home for storage of old items or clothes that are no longer needed or as  garage storage for tools and other items.

Collapsible bins

Collapsible bins can be made from a few materials including plastic, but most often they will be made from fabric. Fabric ones are great around the house as they can easily be made to blend with your décor.

Stackable bins

Stackable bins fit on top of each other to save you floor space. Some may come as a set or you can buy them separately. They are perfect space savers for almost every need. Sturdy, durable plastic is the preferred material for this kind of container, as they need to be strong enough to withstand heavy weight and light enough not to add much to the weight of the items inside them; this makes them easier to move and arrange. Some stackable options will come with wheels for the first box and handles so the stack of boxes can be easily moved around.

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