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The Different Types of Pouch Filling Machines

by Victor

Before you decide to purchase a pouch filling machine, it’s helpful to know more about the different types of machines. In this article, we will talk about the HFFS high-speed flexible pouch packaging machine, the VS Bagger, and the Encore Pouch. We will also talk about nitrogen injection, which extends the shelf life of your product. And, we’ll discuss some advantages of each machine. Read on to find out more!

HFFS high-speed flexible pouch packaging machine

The HFFS high-speed flexible pouch packaging machines can fill from fifty to one hundred and fifty pouches per minute. They feature solid state electronic components and a multilingual touch screen operator interface. In addition, they feature a funnel product delivery system and auger filler for powder products. Additionally, they can seal multiple-layer film and quad-seal bags. The HFFS high-speed flexible pouch packaging machine is available here https://www.shjoygoal.com/ with different speeds, capacities, and capacities to suit any production requirement.

VS Bagger

The VS Bagger is the perfect companion to your existing sealing machine. It loads the pre-made wicket pouch automatically under the fill zone and transfers it to the next station. It is compact and can interface with both a tin tie and a twist tie. Its unique straight-flow design enables the operator to view the entire filling process. It is also capable of filling powder products. Here are some benefits of the VS Bagger.

Zippy Bagger

The PepWeighPack Zippy Bagger is an automatic horizontal bagging machine designed for filling premade wicket pouches. Its rotary sealing head makes sure that seals are straight and even. Its stainless steel construction makes it durable enough to handle a variety of products, including frozen foods, injection-molded pieces, and baked goods. You can use this machine to fill premade wicket pouches for convenience and speed.

Encore Pouch

The Encore Pouch filling machine is designed for the downstream packaging of solid food and liquids. Its features include filling, portioning, and safety interlocks. This machine has high throughput at speeds up to 60ppm. It also features a servo-driven index table and can accommodate up to 10 different bag sizes. The machine operates at speeds of 30ppm or 60ppm, depending on the model.

Synda SR240 premade pouch filling machine

The Synda SR240 Premade beverage filling machine provides efficient packaging and seals premade pouches. It is applicable to various industries such as dairy, food, and pharmaceuticals. This fully automatic pouch filling machine is equipped with a ten-inch LCD Color Touch Panel and a PLC controller for precise process control. It is ideal for packaging powders and liquids in a variety of containers.

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