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The Growing Popularity of Future Of Software Houses

by Uneeb Khan

In the year 2021, software houses were already a thing from the past. This is a story about why they disappeared and where did all their developers go.

As it happened, in this time digitalization finds its peak that allows many people to work at home over computers without going into an office. Some of them work for small companies or even freelance. But others finds a way to make money out of it by forming business groups. Those were known as software houses in Pakistan back then. Because everyone could join, there was no need to get any special education or be able to code somehow.

Best & Worst Future Of Software Houses Trends

Contrarily to nowadays where uppity startup-kids are laughed at if they ever mention ‘startup’ in order not to look like losers, back then everyone wanted to make money as a startup. Except there was no need for funding or even business model, because the possibilities were endless.

Soon it evolved into a competition of who could have the best business plan. And ideas how to spend all that cash they’ll get from investors. Everyone was talking about it and trying to find possible ways by spending their time on forums where people discussed these things. And massive job offers popped up every now and then at Job Anouncements board. So one would actually think that way. Check out cartoon torrenting sites.

Trying My Favorite Future Of Software Houses

In this madness, some smart guys started writing e-books about possible strategies on how to start a software house. In no time those e-books became bestsellers and some even created their own websites where they advertised those e-books. In very short time it was something like a new profession to make money by writing e-books on how to start a software house, but unlike others that actually developed software, those guys just wrote books for others selling them as the next possible way of earning money from home.

Increase Your Revenue with Software Houses Trends

Since first years were already behind us by then people would quickly see who’s useful and who’s not. Those kind of businesses often failed during economical crisis so competition had been high from early days on.

Those book writers about how great their book. And how it will change your life forever. Forums started to be a place of marketing instead of a place where people could ask decent questions and get answers. So people started going elsewhere in order to get useful information about how to start their own software company.

Increase Your Revenue with Software Houses Trends, What Most People Don’t Know About Software Houses Trends

Those guys made money not only from selling their e-books. But also by buying advertising spaces on forums that would show ads along with the post they just wrote. In no time there were tons of online book writers spaming whole internet with self promoting posts everywhere. Which caused the rise of various anti-spam plugins for forum managers to have some kind moderation over it. It didn’t helped much since those guys tried every trick in the book in order to bypass all restrictions set up by forum moderators who were nothing more than an annoyance to their book business.

Soon people started seeing those e-book writers as the most annoying part of internet at that time. Forums got more and more infested with posts from them, even occasionally posting price lists of how much would they charge you for writing a book for your software house business. Those guys were the first generation of spammers who earned money by spamming forums instead of just annoying everyone like others did before them.

Final Words:

Since all those aggressive marketing tactics didn’t work. Some decent forum managers developed services that allowed. Anyone to set up their own local software company without having to pay ever penny towards it. It is said that most popular service was written in PHP. So likely it had been developed using open source software.

Nowadays many people might think that all of this was just a temporary thing back then. But it’s likely that ever since those days internet was constantly infested by spam posts. From various self promoting book writers who made money out of it for years to come. So no one really knows if internet is still full of them or not nowadays.

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