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The Importance Of Live Classes

by Marketgit Team

Students love to learn new things online since they were the generation that was born with gadgets and the Internet all around them. The one advantage that they have in the present times is online education through a mobile teacher app. It is convenient, and has some other advantages as listed below;

  • Resources: The Internet has multiple websites, applications and professionals signed up to help out students.
  • Application features: With multiple features, students can choose to set reminders and even shortcuts on their home screen for convenience and learning.
  • Availability: A digital platform is accessible as long as you have a compatible device and Internet connection, all of which are widely available in the present times.
  • Flexible timing: Students who have other priorities and commitments can simply look up recordings or collect online notes, making the best out of their time.
  • Budget-friendly: You cut the maximum costs on transportation and accommodation fees, replacing it with much lower Internet costs which is already a requirement before online teaching was the normal way of education.
  • Safety: Offline classes were not unsafe in the previous times as the traditional form of learning was very prevalent, and mobile teacher apps were not that popular since parents, as well as students, doubted the capability of a digital platform. But because safety is a major concern right now, with the effects of pandemics all around, and multiple waves, do you have been relying on a safer platform. This is the Internet, and an application or website with learning management systems or other conveniences, such as a live class.

Live class advantages

Live classes are very advantageous because it allows real-time video calling in between students and teachers, and also has the chat available so that if any particular student is facing an Internet or digital issue, they can just type in their doubts to interact with their teachers and classmates. Light glasses provide for the following must needed advantages;

  • Students can attend from anywhere they want, without having to spend on public transportation costs every day
  • Live classes can be recorded and uploaded in a mobile teacher app or learning management system which is available at any given point
  • Teachers can observe how much attention students are paying, along with progress reports

Tips to better a live class

If you are a teacher, looking for various methods that you can use to improve the quality of education that you provide to your students through a live class, you can use video conferencing API. Here are some other tips for enhancement;

  • Always get to know the topic that you are going to explain beforehand so that you do not have to rely on a book and focus entirely on the students and understand how much they are absorbing the knowledge
  • Record your classes for making them available offline, so that your students can visit the LMS and access videos again and again
  • Include short breaks in between lengthy classes
  • Make use of presentations, make different interesting slides that grab the attention of your students, and share it through screen share, you can send the presentation in the class group later on
  • Create side notes that you keep sharing through the chat option available, or video conferencing API

Students also fail to pay attention to their live classes, here is how you can focus better:

  • Keep taking notes as the teacher is discussing a topic so that you immediately remember the things and can read about them later, recalling the important points in the case, not every information was written down in the notes
  • Disable all notifications from other pages websites and social media sites so that you can have your complete focus on the class only
  • Make sure you visit the restroom before a class so that you don’t have the need in between
  • Have a window time of around 10 to 15 minutes before joining the classes so that you can get together your copies, books, and other materials required to study

To make the best out of this blog, make sure you follow the guide who helped you absorb all the details from your teacher in a live class. Did you know that life classes are more effective than screen sharing format? This, in combination with screen sharing, is even more efficient. Keep suggesting your educator’s different ways that you find convenient, and make the best out of the new normal.

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