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The most common mistakes to avoid when selling your electronic

by Victor

Technical devices that you don’t use anymore and that just dust in a closet or on a shelf should be sold. If it is no longer needed, free up space and get some extra money. It will give new life to your old device. Before you put the item up for sale, you should prepare it and worry about making sure it looks at its best. 

The process of preparing for sale 

In the process of preparing for the sale, you need to worry about a few things that will help make the transaction more successful. These are trivial things that sellers sometimes forget about. But potential buyers pay attention to them. Preparing and sell old electronics is not difficult if you follow a few rules.

Visible signs of use

When you use your device, it interacts with your hands, rubs against your clothes, or is in your backpack with other things. Every day, dust and dirt settle on your device. Fine particles settle in the case and cover and get into the connectors. This is a mistake for not cleaning your electronics properly. The buyer will think that you have not treated your device properly and that you have been careless. Even fingerprints on the screen reduce interest in buying. Take care to keep your device clean.

Just two words about the device

Old and new models don’t require an idea of the common technical parameters. But you are selling a specific model. It is necessary to give full information about the technical and physical condition of the device. Describe the system parameters. Tell buyers what experience you have had using the device and what functions you have performed. Disclose the potential use and the sphere where it can be applied. Don’t forget to mention the equipment. Not providing enough information reduces interest in your item. Perhaps you gave a case or a new charger as a gift. This is nice for the buyer. 

Prices from other sellers

There is a fine line between the buyer’s desire and the seller’s expectation in this matter. Before you put your device on the market, spend an hour researching other offers. Too high a price will please the seller but may not be interesting to buyers, and no one will buy the device. A very low price is not favorable for you. You don’t want to part with the device, which is almost free. There is also the risk of arousing suspicion. A device that is too cheap will alert buyers. They may think the device is broken or was obtained illegally. Not researching the market value directly affects whether you can sell the device or not. Try to find a balance between competitive and attractive prices. You can ask your local lender how much they would give you for your device. They’re tricky, but you’ll know you can put a slightly higher value on them. 

Nice angle and good colors

The next thing buyers look at after price is pictures. They are interested in how it looks. From the pictures, they assess the condition of the device and get an impression of the owner. Make sure that the pictures you take are of high quality. 

Your photo will be bad if: 

  • The device is in your hand. This causes a psychological barrier. The buyer feels like the owner is not ready to say goodbye to the device.
  • Terrible background. A photo of the device looks better against a neutral background. This could be a clean and tidy desk on a stand against a wall. It’s ridiculous to look at a device that’s lying on a bed or near your dog. 
  • Light glare and blurred dots. Clean the camera you’re taking the photo on with a tissue. Let everything be seen with quality and accuracy. 
  • Total darkness. Even if your activity falls during the night, find time for daytime photos. Natural light will better convey the condition and details of your device. A dark room or basement won’t do. 
  • Ten frontal photos. Don’t forget that there are other sides to the unit. Show the sides and the back in the photo. Pay attention to connectors and connections. Such detailed pictures instill confidence in the buyer. Just the device photo avoid. Buyers may also be interested in the box, extras or cables. Let them see it, so they have a full understanding of the kit. 

Take photos from the manufacturers for guidance, there is nothing unnecessary on them. Look at other offers from vendors who are not taking good photos. Get a feel for which photos appeal to you. Good photos will increase the chance of sales.

Rekindle the desire

Make your selling position one that you yourself enjoy. Get to the point where you see the appeal of the device yourself. If you have thoughts that it might be better to keep the device, it means that you have achieved a good sales position.

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