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The most popular bitcoin miner in North America is Bitmain’s S19 Pro ASIC miner.

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4 September 2020, Singapore With the signing of this deal, worth over $23 million, Bitmain—the world’s largest manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining hardware—intensifies its momentum. Marathon Patent Group (“Marathon”), a Las Vegas, Nevada-based business that operates a Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency mining operation, has signed a long-term purchase agreement for $23 million to buy 10,500 Antminer S19 Pro mining rigs. The most cutting-edge chipset presently on the market is included in Bitmain S19 Pro.


“We are eager to finalize this arrangement, which significantly strengthens our partnership with Marathon. We anticipate that bitmain s19 profitability industry-leading performance and power efficiency will considerably increase Marathon’s mining capacity. It is powered by a new generation custom-built chip from Bitmain. We can’t wait to watch Marathon unleash its market potential with this increased capacity since once completely deployed, these Miners will usher in a new age of Bitcoin mining. Irene Gao, the NCSA Region’s Antminer Sales Director for Bitmain, stated.

“Bitmain’s S19 Pro ASIC Miner beats all other Miners we have deployed by providing an energy efficiency of 29.5 joules per terahash (J/TH),” said Merrick Okamoto, Chairman and CEO of Marathon Patent Group, Inc. Up to 1.55 Exahashes will be produced by Marathon’s mining operation after delivery and complete installation.

 Bitmain’s New Antminer S19 Series ASIC Miners

Bitmain has released specs for its new Antminer S19 series of SHA256 Bitcoin ASIC miners, although as of yet there is no information on pricing or availability. Two models of the Antminer S19, the 95 TH/s and the 90 TH/s, both have a power efficiency of 34.5 J/TH, while the 110 TH/s and 105 TH/s models of the Antminer S19 Pro both have a power efficiency of 29.5 J/TH. Both series use the new APW12 high-conversion efficiency power supply and have an integrated power supply with a 3250 Watt rating at the wall.

The approaching Bitcoin halving is forcing Bitmain to step up their game, however, given the current coronavirus crisis in China, the new ASIC miners will likely be delivered just before or after the halving (covid-19). Hashnest (owned by Bitmain), which already lists the 110TH/s antminer s19 bitcoin miner as available for rent, has provided some figures regarding the price of around USD 5000 per unit for the Pro. However, nothing has been confirmed as to the exact price for the units that will go on sale or when they will be ready for delivery. In any case, it’s encouraging to observe that technological advancements and optimizations may increase the productivity of BTC ASIC miners.

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