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Things To Do If Indirectly Named In A Title-IX Case

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Involvement of one’s name in a Title-IX case will threaten one’s academic career and, in the worst cases, might result in expulsion. Title IX involves the federal law that necessitates a thorough investigation of sexual assault accusations and enforces strict policies to prevent sexual assault on campus. However, these policies, as well as the investigation procedure, might differ from one educational institution to the other. Although if one has not committed any crime but their name has been indirectly involved in a Title-IX case, consulting an education lawyer for high school students must be first priority, who will provide all the valuable advice and the possible legal implications of the case. 

The Investigation Process In A Title-IX Case:

Although the investigation process might vary from school to school, the accounts of both the accuser and the accused are usually considered. The witness with direct knowledge of the events that led to the accusations will also be considered. Suppose one’s name is indirectly included in the Title-IX case as a witness. In that case, one needs to actively participate in the interview, which will be taken by the investigators, and attend the hearings. 

Participation As A Witness:

If a Title-IX investigator approaches one, one has several options to consider. The first is to refuse any participation. The second is to select full participation throughout the case proceedings, and the third is to protect one’s identity by giving an anonymous statement. However, anonymous statements are not always allowed for the witness, especially if it is a formal complaint. 

Protecting One’s Right As A Witness:

As a witness’s statement is essential for preventing any unjust decision on the part of the decision-makers, it is also crucial for the witnesses to protect their rights as a student. For this, one would need to follow a few steps as soon as Title-IX investigation contact one for an interview. 

These steps involve consulting an education lawyer immediately, refraining from posting anything about the case on social media or talking about it with anyone in the school, reading all the materials on the code of conduct and policies thoroughly, and finally gathering information and evidence that will act as a defense against any accusations of the violation of code of conduct.  

Final Thoughts:

One might also get in trouble during the investigation process if one doesn’t seek immediate assistance from an attorney. It is also important to choose a student defense attorney who is quite experienced in the field and is well-versed in all the legal implications and proceedings.

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