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Three Space Saving Ideas When Home Furniture Shopping

by Marketgit Team

As soon as the walls of a home are erected a space is created. When that space is finished, the floor in place, the walls painted, we want to adorn it with the things that suit it best. Our bedroom needs a bed, our kitchen needs cupboards, living room a sofa.

We need, and want, the things that will turn our house into a home.

Because of this, and the limited space available, we often find that space can be a consideration when shopping for home furnishings. In terms of space, we not only want to look at the size of the home furnishings we would like but also their space efficiency.

A tall bookcase is going to be more space efficient than a wide one. A dual fridge freezer will take up less space than a separate fridge and freezer, and so on.

Types of Space Saving Furniture

Space-saving furniture can be found for various rooms around the house. In the bedroom you have the popular divan type bed. The living room could have a sofa with built in storage. The kitchen an island.

There are options out there to suit your needs of space and functionality as well as look.

Divan Beds

Divan beds are beds without headboards or footboards. This instantly diminishes their use of space when compared to other bed types. Consisting of a base and mattress the divan also comes with double that space efficiency factor as the base can function as a storage area.

The dual function of providing both comfort and storage has ensured the divan’s enduring popularity.

Sofas with Storage

The Independent newspaper has a great article on sofas with storage. Their top choice features a sofa with its own built-in bookcase. A must for any relaxing book lover.

Considered a ‘seriously clever space saving invention’ as it recognises that ‘bookcases are one of the bulkier things to squeeze into your living room’ and that the combination of bookcase and sofa ‘will save valuable floor and wall space.’

Another notable mention is one they call the ‘Swiss army knife’ of sofas. It is a called a storage chaise sofa and is a ‘sofa, bed and storage all in one’ which is ‘a great way to maximise precious space at home.’

They consider it ‘A great-value all-rounder for making the most out of your sofa space.’

Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island or kitchen trolley is a traditional way of increasing storage and workspace in the kitchen.

Usually freestanding in nature, they are typically found in the centre of the kitchen and can be footed with wheels so that they are easily moveable.

Popular for several decades they have remained a constant, reliable choice, due to their practicality and functionality.

The range of affordable, space-saving, products out there certainly indicates that use of space, efficient use of space, is something we consider when shopping for home furnishings.

Home space is limited, and at a premium. It makes sense that you want to get the best out of the space you have.

When you realise that the price per square foot of your home, which varies from postcode to postcode and country to city, could be between £300 to £600, then you realise the true value of using your space wisely.

Sometimes, if your home is rather small, like in a one-room flat, being able to double-up and be more efficient with space use is of the upmost importance. It is not just something you might consider. It is necessary.

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