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Tips on Making the Best Use of Windows Movie Maker Free Download

by Marketgit Team

Windows Movie Maker Download is a free option for anyone who wishes to make quality videos and movies. You can download it from the internet, yet not all sites are reliable. More often than not, you end up installing the same with viruses and other malware that can ruin your system. Only on this point do you need to be careful, and therefore you have to download the software where the same has undergone anti-virus scanning. In the case of website download like here at www.topwin-movie-maker.com, you will find that both the popular AVG and Avast anti-virus has been used to give you riskless movie making.

The installation is pretty easy, too, as you can do so on any Windows platform. It includes Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows XP and Windows Vista. In other words, everything with windows movie maker download is pretty straightforward, and you face no complications.

Excellent Layout for Storyboard and Timeline View

The layout is also straightforward, and for new users, it would mean a few hours of getting used to everything rather than spending weeks on complicated series of features that certain apps carry. It is essentially this that sets apart the Windows Movie Maker 2021 Free Download from the rest. The layout here consists of a Storyboard and a Timeline view, and along with it, you will find collections for organizing videos imported and a preview pane.

You will also find that the Storyboard/Timeline consists of one video, and it comes with an Audio bar and one Titles/Credits bar. In each of these bars, clips can be added for editing. You may also import images into the timeline and stretch the same to any desired number of frames.

The Video and Music/Audio bars in the windows movie maker can be edited to any number of short segments and will play along seamlessly. With this comes the additional feature that helps you lower the music when a conversation is taking place. The accepted formats on the movie maker download are WMV/ASF, MPG, AVI, WMA, WAV, and MP3.

Excellent and Inspiring Images from Movie Maker

You get very good images, which is valuable for beginners or movie hobbyists and professionals. Many professionals make Windows Movie Maker Free Download their first step to get the proper perspective of their story on screen before committing to larger production.

Those wishing to capture video from an analog source like the VCR, Tape based devices, camcorder, or webcam may do so in the XP version. When importing from a DV tape, you need to select the “Make Clips on Completion” option. From there on, the movie maker automatically starts the beginning of each scene. It means you will find the tape on the editing screen as a collection of short clips instead of one long recording.

The above are only a few ways to use movie maker download. Still, there are other features like import and organize, customizing titles, transitions, stabilization, visual effect, and sharing options. The windows allow users to share on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and sending by Email.

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