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Top 5 restaurant games for phone gaming in 2022

by Uneeb Khan

The good thing about those looking to play food serving games is that there are tons of options available – whether it be on Google’s Play Store or on Apple’s App Store. But how many of these are actually good? This is why we decided to come up with a small roster of restaurant games that people like devoting their time to. 

What is a restaurant game?

Well, restaurant games are those that have you imagining the gentle throbbing of the lit flames under the hot stove, and the smell of bacon, steak, and sausages! These allow you to manage your staff, serve the guests, and do a lot more. In short, restaurant games are an extended part of cooking games, with bits and pieces of customer service and restaurant management. That said, while ordinary cooking games focus on cooking and food service, these are more about growing the business and satisfying clients.

Some noteworthy online restaurant games

Here’s a brief lowdown of some of the most popular cooking and restaurant games that you would find available for smartphones.

  • Food Street: Always fancied playing a restaurant game? Well, here’s one that you’d absolutely love. It has the mechanics of any freemium game. Thus, it has timed actions and offers in-game currencies on the successful completion of every objective. To make things a lot more competitive, Food Street has no single-player segment, and focuses only on multiplayer action through Food Clubs and other seasonal events. Once your café is all grown up, you can leave serving guests and focus more on managing the staff.
  • Star Chef 2: This is beyond doubt, one of the most popular restaurant games around. If you’re really looking forward to play food serving games, then this has got to be it. The narrative starts when you find out that your favourite go-to diner is up for grabs, and you decide to take over it and turn it into an exquisite restaurant. The story allows you to meet celebrity chefs, form your own chef team, and take part in challenges to become a Star Chef.
  • Café Land – World Kitchen: Here’s another great alternative to the first two restaurant games, though it has the same play style and game mechanics. The game is cartoony, and is quite colourful and bright. That said, the game is more about managing restaurants and cafes, than taking orders and serving customers.  It even offers a global player ranking system that lets you evaluate your game against some of the top players from around the globe.
  • Bakery Story 2: As you might have guessed already, Bakery Story 2 is a little different from any generic restaurant game. The game is fairly simple and you’re given a tiny spot to open your bakery. As you continue playing, you’d start raking in more money, attract more patrons, and prepare more recipes. All this would eventually allow you to move to a bigger and better location. The game is pretty generous with points and rewards, but you may also take advantage of their Starter Pack.
  • Restaurant Tycoon: As the name implies, Restaurant Tycoon is a classic example of what restaurant games used to be. As the game is available for free on every platform, expect to see lots of ads, albeit the game allows you to buy boosters using the in-game currency. It is all about managing the restaurant, upgrading it, and expanding into other locations. The game is split into two modes – one where you play as a waiter, and the second one allows you to slip into a managerial role.

Key takeaway

So, what do you think of these restaurant games? Have you ever played any of these? If you are looking to play food serving games, you’d surely find these games appealing. These are clearly some of the best games around, and have tons of positive reviews online.

To know more about such cooking games, feel free to comment below. Also, if you’ve played these games in the recent past, let us know what you felt about each of these and whether we missed something that you’d like to add. We’d love to hear from you. 

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