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Top BGT online slots

by Victor

Players will commonly come across a BGT based slot game in their favourite online casino due to their extensive game lobby – play slots games online. However, this is commonly confused with BTG as the abbreviations are so similar. There are massive differences between the two.

Who are BTG?

BGT is a popular slot developer  also known as Big Time Gaming, they started out in Australia but they soon expanded around the world. The developer has prided themselves on creating new revolutionary gameplay mechanics for slot games, in an effort to change the industry. What is most impressive about the developer is that they actually have managed to do just that, thanks to their amazing Megaways game mechanic, not only did they manage to completely revolutionise slot gaming but they made sure that it will never be the same. The gameplay mechanic essentially creates a larger amount of win combinations for players, typically over 100,000. As a result of this gameplay mechanics success, the developer has released a variety of titles bearing the name Megaways.

BGT Online slots

Big Time Gaming is often abbreviated to BTG, this is often mistaken by people for being BGT. This abbreviation is commonly used to refer to Britain’s Got Talent, the variety show that took the world by storm. The brand itself has launched an online casino featuring many popular slot games entitled BGT Games. This promises to only further cause confusion for players.

  •       As the name would suggest, the casino is most popular in the UK. However, thanks to the brand, it still has worldwide recognition. The size of the casino is ideal, it sits right in the middle as it is not too big but it is certainly not small either.
  •       The actual online casino itself was developed by provider Bear Group Limited. One of the most popular aspects of this casino is the fact that there are no withdrawal limits for players.
  •       Newer players will be excited by the sign up bonus that the game offers, they will receive a 200% match deposit bonus, something that is incredibly rare for online casinos.

The BGT online slot game

Players may also recognise the BGT abbreviation from the popular slot game that was based on the brand. This slot was developed by Ash Gaming and its low volatility means that it is perfect for players of all budgets.

  1. The design of this slot game is perfect for fans of the brand. Not only does it manage to capture the spirit of the show but it manages to render all the action with a mixture of amazing graphics and actual clips from the program!
  2. Players will also love the fun bonus features this slot has to offer. There is an exciting free spins feature which could reward lucky players with sticky wilds and there is a popular bonus feature which lets you perform in front of the judges yourself, getting a yes from them will result in your stake being doubled.


Exciting BGT slot games can be found on the exclusive app or in your favourite online casino.

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