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Top Corporate Team Building Activities You Need To Know

by Victor

The new teams in the company require bonding and knowing about each other. Team building activities are required for new as well as old teams also. Virtual activities in Singapore can provide you with corporate team-building activities that are required to improve the productivity of the team.

Coin Logo Activities

This activity will require only 10 to 15 minutes. Each participant will be instructed to take out coins from their wallets or pockets. If anyone does not have any coins, he can lend them to someone. Using the coins will require creating a logo of their own. With the coin, the participants can also use papers, pens, wallets, and anything they possess.

But the main item will remain the coin. If the group is very large, 3 to 6 people can form one group, and the game will remain the same, where the individual logo will be replaced with the team logo. This activity helps in promoting self-awareness, and also, the members get to know each other well.

Memory Wall Activities

This is a physical activity where the team members can live their memories again. The members of the teams can start sketching their memories on paper. The sketches can be hung on the wall, and during an office meeting or get-together party, the memory wall can be showcased where the team members can remember the memories and get positive vibes from the sketches. Virtual activities in Singapore can guide you in creating different memories in your workplace and sketching them for the memory wall.

Battle of Airbands

For this activity, you will require an MP3 player or a smartphone and a speaker. The team will be performing like a complete airband. Some of them can play guitarists, some of them can play drummers, and some of them can be singers. The bands can be divided, and each band may include 3-4 people. Work-friendly songs can be chosen and played. The lip-syncing can be done by the participants. If they have time to rehearse, they can dress up like the bands and use the props. Finally, the winning band can be decided and awarded.

Magazine Story Activity

This is the activity where the participants must design a cover page for the magazine. They can choose any of their idols in the workplace who are successful in the business and can design a cover page about him. The entire design can be imaginary. This can help in the dream about oneself to see the picture on the cover story of the magazine one day. The participants can be divided into small groups of 3-5 people. They can use templates, pens, markers, and anything they require to create a stunning cover.


The virtual activities in Singapore can involve all the team members to create strong bonds among them. When positive vibes work among the members of the workplace, productivity can automatically come their way. All the corporate activities can be arranged within the office area, and you need not search for a huge space for them.

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