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Types of stress

by Victor

Many people dismiss stress as a result of misdiagnosis and insufficient understanding. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Because most people are trapped and live only in their minds, they don’t see and can’t recognize the stress feedback that our bodies give us. Let me explain what stress is.

Stress can be in the form


Excessive caffeination and excessive consumption of soft drinks

Use of alcohol and cigarettes

Poor diet, with limited vegetables and fruit, excessive fat and sugar.

Skip meals

Beating yourself to death or binge-eating

Inactivity, sedentary sitting for longer than 30 minutes at times, and inactivity

Poor sleep – Going to bed too late or not getting enough sleep.

Excessive blue light exposure from your phone, TV or computer. Add radiation they also emit.

Not getting enough sun and not being outside

Excess heat or cold exposure, depending on how it is done

Nutritional deficiencies, poor digestion/inadequate hormones

2. Chemical Stress can take the form of

Chemical and toxic substances are all around. They can be found in water, air and food.

3. Mental stress

High-skilled, fast-paced work with many deadlines and long hours

Exam preparation

Self-limiting beliefs, values, thoughts, and behavioral patterns can lead to self-limitation

4. Emotional Stress

Inner conflict with myself – I’m not good enough, always trying to compensate for perceived lacks

Conflict in relationships – friend, partner

Self-limiting beliefs, values, thoughts, and behavioral patterns can lead to self-limiting beliefs, behaviors, and thought patterns.

Stress is more complex than people think. It is important to understand that stress can cause disease and misery at all levels.

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Anca Vereen, a Latrobe University Accredited Practising Nutritionist and Psychotherapist, is a Nutrigenomics Lecturer and Breathing Coach who specializes in stress management.

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