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Video Game Influencers – The Game Changers for the Marketing Industry

by Uneeb Khan

There is no industry left that has not received any influencers. In the modern world, influencer marketing has left behind digital marketing. The push of 9% to 15% active gamers is a significant influence for the gaming companies helping them reach their targeted audience. The video game influencers and the companies together are making the gaming industry ruling over the others. People worldwide find playing games for entertaining rather than watching movies now. Many companies have switched from traditional marketing campaigns to video gaming campaigns to make a difference amongst their competitors. Companies trying to reach their targeted audience with the help of influencers help them brand their games, increase the game installs, huge customer database, and make their game stand more likely a brand.

Video game streams & large targe audience base:

Every company wishes to reach its targeted audience, and video game influencers attract the youth with their video game streams. Hence, companies implementing video game marketing campaigns will provide a large audience.

Influencers are trustworthy gamers:

Many people today look at influencers with the eyes of trust, and they rely on their opinion, endorsements, and recommendations. Moreover, influencers are no less than celebrities in today’s world, and the engagement they create is mind-blowing and often results in positive purchasing decisions amongst their following.

Direct Contact with the potential customers:

The influencers in today’s world better know how to use a particular product. They sometimes even give honest feedback and, if followed by the company, results in a positive result. The companies get room for improvement depending on the influencers. Influencers are not only seen as brand promoters. Still, they can be looked upon as customers willing to make a product succeed in the competitive market before reaching the final customer base. 

New Target Audience:

In a real sense, influencers can outperform the brand’s strong individuality in recent times. Getting influencers to work for you can give you an organic audience. You’ll be surprised to know, as per Google, 48% of people watch video streams, and 73% of video gamers love watching other gamers playing on YouTube.

The Correct Way of Finding Video Game Influencers:

It is not easy to find the most suitable influencer to promote your games as there are many influencers out now willing to help gaming companies. And, all of them are the best without any doubt. Every game is different from the other games available in the Google Play Store or the App Store, the same way each gaming influencer is different. So, here sharing the steps to pick the most suitable ones:

Step 1 – Take into consideration your goals:

Figure out your social media marketing goals. Here, we are saying to understand social media marketing goals as influencers are available on Social Media. Once you understand what you want your influencers to contribute to, it will be easy for you. Based on this, before telling your influencers, you will pick the best suited. Their skills and efforts with a clear picture will give you an upshoot.

Step 2 – Know who is your target audience is:

The most important of all. You must understand know target audiences like their age, demographics, interests, and much more. Then only the gaming influencers will be able to drive the audience and inform them about your newly-launched video games.

Step 3 – Listen to your influencers:

Find the potential influencers and do your research like the most chosen influencers are associated with which brands. What are their thoughts, and what is their say regarding influencer marketing for your games? Then only will you be able to figure out how likely they can be a right fit for the promotion of your video games?

Step 4 – Decide on the marketing platform:

Get onto the point that where you have to look for. In simple terms, on which social media platform you want to find the influencer, you want the influencer to promote your video game. There are many social media channels in the digital world and different customer bases. So, it’s essential to pick the right marketing platform.

Step 5 – Track the performance:

All the marketing efforts can go in vain if you are not tracking the efforts of your influencers. You can also track the results by analyzing the traffic, referral traffic, coupon codes, affiliate link, or UTM parameters. Tracking should be the priority and not a choice.

Do influencers curate content?

Influencers choose to come up with engaging and unique content creating for their target audience. They better understand how their followers will react to a particular product or content piece shared by them socially. Collaboration with the influencers and the marketing professional working together is no less than a recipe for success.

Summing It Up!

The video game influencers can be the marketing gurus for your games. But, do keep in mind the specific business goals that should be attainable. Many famous influencers for the gaming industry like PewDiePie, Kyle Corley, Rodolf A and many others. All of them are contributing with all their hard work. Choose the best one to meet your goals.

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