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What are Business plans and financial plans? (Updated 2022)

by Uneeb Khan

If you’re considering buying or selling your business, it’s critical that you complete a business plan. It helps you determine how much money you need to bring into your business in order to stay profitable and run successfully for the long term. The process is more complex than it might seem. Start with the fundamentals of business planning.

Why need a business plan?

While all pro business plans are different, they usually begin with three types of documents: the business plan, the financial plan, and the corporate plan. The business plan is an outline of how the business will achieve a specific goal. The financial plan helps to predict the costs of keeping the business running. The corporate plan determines how your business will be run in the future.

Each of these documents are critical for identifying the key factors involved in the value of the business in order to determine its profitability and risk levels.

The business plan and financial plan

Generally, a business plan should be about 200 to 500 words long so, you must be hire a professional business plan writer. However, if you are unfamiliar with writing a business plan, it might be wise to use a template or to come up with a document that is between one and five pages in length. Depending on the details of your business, it might be best to include more information.

The goal is to explain your business in as many words as possible, so that you are conveying information that will appeal to potential investors and sellers. Some guidelines for a good business plan:

Discuss a specific target, such as a monthly turnover of $50,000. Don’t go into the minutia of your business operations, such as who works where.

When writing about your target market, you need to state which type of people it is, what they are looking for in the products and services you offer, and what information will convince them to buy. You should describe how you will differentiate your business from the competition. For example, you might offer custom-made product components, rather than standard ones.

Give some rationale behind your business plan objectives, as well as your risk and financial analyses. Try to have a plausible explanation of how you will reach your business goals. Also, you should include any financial projections that show how your business will generate enough revenue to meet its goals.

What about the financial plan?

The financial plan will help you to estimate the cost of running your business over a certain period of time. You need to establish a goal for what your business will cost to run and what profit you will earn. You also need to understand how much investment you will need to put into the business to make the profits and pay the bills.

Consider potential sources of funding, such as bank loans and investor’s cash or personal investments. Estimate the amount of money you will need to start your business and establish it. Remember that if you’ve built your business based on a plan, you should be able to explain your plans clearly in the financial plan.


Whether you want to bring in a partner, sell your business, or run it successfully for the long term, completing a business plan is an essential step towards success. Once the plan is complete, you can revise the plan as needed and adjust it as the needs of your business and circumstances change.

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