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What Are Businesses Doing To Improve Their Cyber Security in 2022?

by Marketgit Team

In the year 2022, cyber crime is at an all-time high – people and businesses are becoming more and more susceptible to targeted cyber attacks and are having to place more emphasis on cyber security.

When the pandemic hit, many businesses were forced to move their companies online and move their teams to a remote, work from home setup. This meant that many businesses moved all of their company data and customer data onto the cloud, and by doing so increased the risks they have of losing that data through a hack or cyber attack of some kind. There are a large number of companies who experience security breached and cyber attacks regularly, in the UK alone 25% of businesses experience some kind of breach at least once every month, how crazy is that?  For many businesses, they turned to the professionals and sought help from IT Support Companies London businesses have been using to help them manage and secure their online networks and IT infrastructures whereas some organizations hire and maintain a separate team of employees who have undergone some good Cyber security program available out there.

Looking at this kind of figure should tell you that putting in the time and effort to manage and maintain a secure IT network is something that all businesses are investing in in 2022 – one of the major causes of companies having security breaches is due to their employees not following the right protocols. Due to this, it has become more and more important for businesses to make sure their staff are properly trained, by the right people, and know what they are doing when they are working online. As a business, your systems are vulnerable to attacks such as hacking, viruses, phishing, ransomware, and other attacks – so what is the first step any business should take to prevent these?

If you answered that they should be working with a trusted IT Support Provider and Partner, then you would be right! Getting advice and support from the experts in technology is one of the best ways to ensure your business is being properly secured and protected in an online sense – when you partner with an IT Support Company, you are getting the peace of mind that the professionals are handling your IT network in the right ways, and your teams have the support and training they need to do their jobs well and be aware of what a cyber attack or cyber threat could look like.

More and more businesses are investing their time and money into providing training sessions for their teams to ensure they are educated around the risks they could face – if you do not do this, you are opening your company up to the threat of an attack which could very likely cause unfixable damage to your brand and company itself, both legally as well as financially.

There are a few ways in which an IT Support Company will help you – they can ensure your business has the necessary ISO accreditation and develop a high-bandwidth yet scalable network infrastructure that is capable of providing your business with an enhanced and higher-grade security setup. This will allow them to be notified when threats appear, and be able to deal with them in a quick and effective way as well to ensure minimal downtime and minimal damage.

So are you as a business owner up to scratch with your cyber security needs? Can you trust that your IT network and IT systems are being managed and have the right kind of protection and threat prevention in place? If not, then you should most certainly have a look at investing time and resources into doing so as to avoid the threat of cyber-attacks and be better prepared in the future. In today’s technologically-driven world and business landscape, it really can be a life saver.

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