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What Are The Features Of Aidot Security Camera App?

by Victor

The AiDot security camera app empowers consumers to catch suspicious activities, such as trespassing, from their homes. Its monitoring feature works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The app also integrates with popular home automation platforms like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

AiDot Home monitoring feature empowers consumers to catch the suspicious

The AiDot Home monitoring feature allows consumers to watch their family members in real time and monitor their activities. This technology also empowers consumers to catch the suspicious, which is important to keep loved ones safe. The real-time detection feature allows users to set a range for real-time detection and will alert the user if there are any suspicious activities in a given area. For example, it can identify the activities of family members playing around a pool, play set, or trampoline. If someone is detected, an alert will be sent to the consumer’s mobile phone with photos.

24*7 hours monitoring

The Aidot security camera app provides you with continuous monitoring of your home and business. The AiDot Cloud service package includes 24*7 hours of monitoring, as well as pet sitting, human and package detection, and vehicle detection. These features help you learn more about the activities and habits of your family and pets, and keep them safe.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa works with a number of products. You can use it to control lights, thermostats, locks and more. Many smart home devices can also be controlled via Alexa, though you may need to add a hub to get everything connected.

Google Home

The Aidot security camera app https://www.aidot.com/ for Google Home is one of the easiest ways to install a security camera. The Google smart display will alert you when someone approaches it by emitting ultrasonic sounds or changing the font size. To pair the camera with the Google Home, you need to sign in with your Google account. Then, click the triangle next to the name of your home. Then, choose the brand of the security camera from the list that pops up.

Apple Home Pod

If you have an Apple Home Pod, you’ll love the Aidot security camera app. This app lets you use the HomePod as a DIY security alarm, using the motion sensor built into the HomeKit platform to trigger an alarm sound. It even allows you to create a HomeKit scene to pause playback when the alarm sounds are triggered. The app also lets you set your alarm sound as a favorite in the Home app.

Conrad connects

The Aidot security camera app Conrad connect has a few similarities to similar platforms. It offers a workflow builder and visual output. However, it doesn’t let you control Wiz lights from the app, which is something many other platforms do. You’ll need to configure settings to trigger certain events and you may not get as much functionality as you’d like.

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