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What is RISE with SAP and How Does It Benefit an Organisation?

by Victor


In a nutshell, RISE with SAP is a compilation of software, tools, and services offered by SAP through a subscription model. The primary element of the whole structure is SAP S/4HANA Cloud. And it’s supported by various tools to work properly.

The Cloud variant of the system is pretty flexible when it comes to integrational technicalities. It is quick, adaptable, and will be able to run with any kind of hyperscaler of your choice, like –

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Google Cloud Service.
  • Microsoft Azure, and
  • Alibaba Cloud.

However, in this informational article, we won’t focus too much on the fundamentals of RISE with SAP. Instead, here, we’ll discuss the benefits it can bring about to your company.

Let’s begin our journey, then.

The Benefits of RISE with SAP!

If implemented and installed properly, RISE with SAP can make your organization much more flexible than it was before. Here’s how it can do so –

1: Better Cloud Implementation and Adoption.

With SAP RISE, organizations can adopt cloud-based SAP solutions quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, as it’s already integrated with SAP, it requires less guesswork than before. Therefore, you can make your plan much more efficient and get started with the cloud program instantly.

2: Seamless Integration.

The RISE with SAP program has been designed specifically to work in collaboration with most of the other SAP products. Hence, the integration procedure will be much more seamless than it looks. Also, you’ll be able to connect all of your processes and operate coherently together.

RISE with SAP also comes with an advanced technology based on the Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement Credits (CPEA). It can be both private-based and accessed by a public user. Thus, as a result, the monitoring and assessing process will be much faster and easier.

3: Cost-Effective.

RISE with SAP comes with more than one tool and solution in the package. However, you will have to reimburse only a one-time subscription fee for it. There’s no need to pay any additional money to access something that’s already available in SAP RISE. Yes, the initial cost of it may seem a little too much at the beginning. But it’s actually highly cost-effective.

4: Access to Innovative Features.

SAP updates its RISE with SAP package almost on a regular basis. Hence, as long as you are subscribed to it, you’ll be able to use each of them without spending additional cash. Also, each of the updates will bring something new to the table. Thus, you’ll be able to use all the latest technologies and stay at the top of your competition whilst making the least amount of effort.

5: Admirable Flexibility.

The core design of RISE with SAP is extremely flexible. So, if you want, you can customize it however you like. For instance, you can remove some specific services from the package if you feel like you won’t need them anyhow. This way, you can both reduce the clutter and spend only on whatever you are using to uplift your organization.

Additionally, the cloud-based ERP available in RISE with SAP can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Such flexibility can be beneficial, especially during a natural disaster like COVID. With RISE with SAP, you can still create and customize business reports quickly, precisely, and easily – no matter where you are working from.

6: Easy to Use.

Like any other SAP-based infrastructure, RISE with SAP is quite easy to use too. The procedure related to transmission is pretty simple, too, and can be completed within a week or so. There’s no need to worry about operational stoppages or something as such too.

In any case, if you still find RISE with SAP to be a little difficult to use, you can always work with a consulting service. They can offer their expertise on the matter and take care of whatever issue you are having with the system. It’ll be even simpler and inexpensive.

7: Excellent Security.

RISE with SAP comes with an excellent security system that’s nearly impossible for any person to get through. Hence, it won’t be easy for someone to steal your data no matter how they try to access it. Just make sure to check a file before opening it, and you’ll be fine.

8: Scalable.

The RISE with SAP infrastructure is highly scalable. Therefore, it can grow with an organization and becomes capable of meeting whatever needs your business has. You can also get decent to excellent technical support with the system.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’re going to answer some questions related to RISE with SAP and the way it usually works. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with it.

1: What is RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP, in essence, is a comprehensive and all-inclusive offering that features various components to meet the requirements of a business. It includes the following –

  • Cloud ERP.
  • Business Analytics and Platforms.
  • Business Process Intelligence, and
  • Business Network.

2: What Does the Subscription Model Look Like?

RISE with SAP follows a one-time subscription fee. Therefore, initially, the price might seem a little too sky-high. However, it’s actually much more budget-friendly in the long run.

3: Should Technical Consultants Care About It?

The RISE with SAP package is, in truth, an inherent part of the S/4HANA Cloud. Therefore, if you want to implement those solutions in your organizational infrastructure successfully, it’s a must that you learn about RISE with SAP.

The Bottom Line!

When it comes to improving your organizational structure, it’s a must that you use RISE with SAP to its full potential. In order to do that, you must learn how it works and how to integrate it properly. If you can do both of these, your organization can certainly reap the benefits we have mentioned in this article. So, get going with your venture from today onwards!

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