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What is the process of digitizing an enterprise?

by Victor

Did you know that digitalization is, and will continue to be, a key factor in the dynamic growth of companies in the future?

More and more companies are opting for this digital transformation to modernize their processes and improve their efficiency. Digitizing a company allows it to automate operations, save time and money, and have better control over processes. But it’s not just the financial benefits that are important – digitization also contributes to increased customer and employee satisfaction.

If you are wondering how to start the digital transformation process in your company and what benefits you can receive, then this article is for you. Read and learn what are the best practices, tools and technologies that will help you implement the digitization process in your business. We invite you to read it!

What is it and what are the benefits of digitizing a company?

Digitization of a company is the process of implementing digital, electronic solutions to streamline business processes, increase efficiency and improve the quality of services provided. It involves the use of information technology to automate various activities, such as document management, accounting processes, customer service and human resource management. The implementation of digitalization allows to significantly streamline work and minimize errors and mistakes. In addition, thanks to digitization, it is possible to store and share documents and information in a secure and fast way. The process of digital transformation is essential today, when competition in the market is increasing and customers expect fast and efficient solutions. Implementing digitization requires proper planning, understanding the company’s needs and goals, and selecting the right tools and technology solutions.

What is the process of digitizing an enterprise

What technologies most often support a company’s digitization process?

Companies use a variety of more and less advanced technologies to support work and processes:

  1. ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems
  2. DMS (document management system) and workflow systems
  3. CRM (customer relationship management) software
  4. Cloud computing (cloud computing)
  5. Mobile applications
  6. Business process automation (BPM – Businness Process Management)
  7. Business Intelligence detailed reporting and data analysis
  8. Marketing automation
  9. Content management systems (CMS – content management system)
  10. Artificial intelligence (AI – artificial intelligence)

Undoubtedly, DMS and workflow systems are the most commonly used in the digitization process. Often simply called electronic document workflow programs.

What business processes can be digitized and optimized?

Digitization of business processes can cover many areas of a company’s operations. The most commonly optimized can include:

Invoice and document circulation

One of the most commonly digitized areas in companies is sales and the circulation of sales and purchase documents. Electronic invoice workflow is a process that many companies around the world have implemented in recent years. And for good reason. Documents in electronic form will never be lost or destroyed. Their electronic circulation process in a company is always faster and more efficient than physically carrying a document from one department to another, from employee to employee.

Sales, warehouse and customer service

Processes related to sales, warehouse operations and customer service are ones that are certainly worth automating at the outset.

In sales companies, orders, complaints or handling inquiries often take a lot of time. By using CRM systems and automating communication, it is possible to respond more quickly and efficiently to customer needs. In the area of warehousing, WMS (Warehouse Management System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems can be used, which enable automatic warehouse management, inventory monitoring and planning of logistics processes.

Human Resources and Payroll – HR

Human resources processes, such as recruitment, training and time management, are also an area that can be digitized and streamlined.

Electronic vacation requests, absence notifications, business trips and work schedules are important processes that can be digitized as part of HR processes. Employees will have faster and easier access to information about their leave and absences, and it will enable HR staff to handle these requests more quickly and efficiently.

Digitization of training processes allows for more efficient and flexible training, including online training, virtual classrooms or e-learning platforms. As a result, employees will be able to gain knowledge anywhere and anytime, making training processes more efficient and saving time.

Employee evaluation is also a process that can be digitized through the use of employee performance management systems. In this way, it will be possible to monitor the progress of employees more effectively, as well as plan their professional development. All this contributes to increasing the efficiency and quality of work in the company. This will optimize employment costs and better utilize the potential of employees.

Digitization of production processes

Digital transformation can also extend to production-related processes, such as monitoring production processes, quality management or supply management. In this way, it becomes possible to achieve better product quality and optimize logistics processes.

In the case of digitizing production processes, various types of systems are used to monitor and control production processes, such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. Such solutions allow better monitoring of production parameters, faster response to failures and optimization of production processes. An important part of digitizing production processes is also the use of automation, where industrial robotics or vision systems can be used to perform repetitive tasks.


It’s also worth paying attention to processes related to accounting and finance, where digitization can bring many benefits, such as faster document processing, accounting automation or better cost control.

Accounting processes are some of the most important areas in a company, so digitizing and optimizing them is crucial for business efficiency and profitability.

As part of the digitization of accounting processes, many companies are using accounting software to automate many activities. As a result, many manual activities begin to be performed automatically by the system, making work much faster and easier.

As part of the digitalization of accounting processes, many companies also use scanning of documents, such as invoices, contracts or bank documents. Through the use of a professional OCR program, the documents are quickly processed and entered into the system, ensuring quick verification and facilitating the archiving process.

Optimization of accounting processes also refers to the optimization of financial processes, such as the management of payments, invoices and company cash flow. Using the right software, companies can track their expenses, manage invoices and monitor their income and expenses in real time.

In summary, digitizing and optimizing accounting processes are not only convenient and time-saving, but also key tools for ensuring business efficiency and profitability.


Correspondence is also an area where digitization can be applied. The use of document management systems, such as ECM (Enterprise Content Management) or DMS (Document Management System), allows for faster and more efficient processing and management of documents. Fast and efficient handling of incoming and outgoing correspondence saves time and costs associated with document processing, and optimizes business processes.

Don’t be afraid to digitize your company!

In general, virtually any business process can be digitized and optimized, helping to improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of the company’s work. Although the process of digital transformation of the company itself can be long and costly, you should certainly not be afraid of it. The effects and business benefits that the company and employees receive fully compensate for all the difficulties during implementation. If you want to effectively and quickly carry out the process of digitization of the company, you can use the support of specialists. Primesoft has been helping entrepreneurs go through the process of digital transformation and business digitization for 20 years. For more information about Primesoft’s experience and clients, visit primesoft.biz. Entrust your company’s digitization process to the right hands! Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of a company that has already helped several hundred companies around the world.

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