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What Types of Snacks to Put in Your Vending Machine: A Comprehensive Guide

by Victor

If you want to be successful with your vending machine business, you need better grasp the demands of the area. This is particularly true with snack machines.

If they are sufficiently thirsty, the majority of individuals will still purchase Coke from a machine even if it doesn’t provide anything they want. However, if you don’t have any interesting snacks, they will remain on the shelf until you need to replace them.


The traditional snack from vending machines, chips are popular everywhere. Although the profit margin is often lower than that of other snacks, the volume makes up for this. Consider these well-liked chip options:

It’s crucial to take your target market’s tastes into account when choosing chip alternatives for your snack machine. Consider providing healthier alternatives like baked chips or vegetarian chips if you’re installing your machine in a workplace or school. To appeal to varied palates, be sure to incorporate a range of flavors. However, if you’re unsure of what your audience likes, stick to the standards.

In general, it is essential to fill snack machines with chips.


Another well-liked food option for vending machines is chocolate. They are more profitable than chips and have good sales. Some of the most well-liked chocolate products that you might choose to carry in your vending machine are listed below:

Hershey’s Chocolate Bars

Many individuals enjoy the classic option of Hershey’s chocolate bars. Although they come in a variety of sizes, you’ll usually use 1.55 ounce bars in your machines. Additionally, you have a variety of tastes to pick from, including cookies and cream, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. According to our observations, cookies and cream bars are the most well-liked.

Snickers Bars

According to statistics, Snickers bars are the most widely consumed chocolate. It does your company and the area a great disservice if you don’t have these in your snack machines.

Kit Kat Bars

Another popular treat is Kit Kat bars. Typically, you’ll be stocking 1.5 ounce bars. In the majority of places, Kit Kat Chunky is also popular. Kit Kat bars are available in a variety of flavors, including white chocolate and dark chocolate. We advise testing out these tastes before making them the standard snack at your establishment because they might be hit or miss.


M&Ms are the second most popular chocolate brand after Snickers. Typically, peanut M&Ms perform better than ordinary M&Ms. The fact that you can store M&Ms year-round without worrying about them melting or developing “the bloom” is another fantastic feature of these candies.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Other common treats are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. You would be silly to omit these as they frequently perform really effectively. But before putting them to your machine, be sure to check with them if your area has a lot of worries about peanut allergies.

Be careful to keep your target market in mind while choose which chocolates to keep in your vending apps. Additionally, you may occasionally change your choice to provide variation and keep things interesting.


Candy While not as common as chips or chocolate, candy can nevertheless do well depending on the market. Some of the most well-liked sweets are listed below:

Skittles: These depend on the population. They often perform well in areas with youthful populations or white-collar employees. Younger crowds particularly enjoy the sour ones. Before establishing them as a mainstay in your machine, make sure to test them out.

Starbursts: These may also succeed, depending on the environment. According to our observations, they seem to sell more often and are a little less unpredictable than Skittles.

It’s crucial to take your target market’s tastes into account while selecting sweets for your vending machine apps. In order to accommodate varied tastes, you might also want to think about providing a choice of options. Remember that sweets may include a lot of sugar and calories, so it’s vital to provide healthier alternatives as well.


The inclusion of gum in vending machines is a brilliant idea. It gives a quick and simple approach to make your breath smell better. In addition, the profit margins are considerably better than those of Candy & Chocolate.

It’s crucial to consider your target market while deciding which gum to retain in your vending machine. For instance, mint-flavored gum would often be the ideal option if you were installing your vending machine in an office setting. You could have luck by including fruit-flavored gums as well if you place your vending machine among a younger audience.


A nice alternative for vending machines is pastries. They not only sell well, but they also have healthy profit margins. The best thing is that some individuals would treat them like a meal since they are more filling than a chocolate bar.

Some of the most popular pastries to put in your machine are listed below:

Honey Buns: are a popular staple of the vending machine industry. We had a scarcity of these during the epidemic and had to settle for offbrand ones, but they still sold out quickly. a requirement.

Cinnamon Buns: A common item from vending machines is cinnamon buns. These have a great market.

Mini-donuts: They can be good or bad. More misses than hits, though. Unless you don’t have any other options, we wouldn’t think about placing these.

Pop Tarts: These are wonderful. These have a much higher profit margin than other pastries as well. If your snack machine is open in the morning, you may also attract customers who regularly order them.

Be sure to take the best before date of each item into account before placing pastries in your vending machine. You don’t want to take the chance of someone purchasing stale or outdated pastries since pastries don’t have the same shelf life as other munchies.

Healthy Snacks

Every year, more people are interested in eating healthy snacks. Some places will request that you include them, while other others will insist that you do.

Healthy snacks have their own special set of difficulties: they are more expensive, have shorter shelf lives, and the majority of those who request them never actually purchase them. The majority of “healthy” snacks aren’t really nutritious at all, so this doesn’t even take that into consideration!

If the locations didn’t ask you to, you should nevertheless place them in your vending machines. Every location has customers that are genuinely trying to control what they eat, so the last thing you want is to lose business because you don’t have any low-fat options.

Here are some Healthy Snack options you can consider putting in your machines:


Nuts are the ideal healthy food to put in a machine, in our expert view. They are not only the most “Healthy” choice, but they also sell well. Peanuts and almonds typically appeal to elderly audiences and health nuts.

Vegetable Chips

If there is a need for them, these may do OK. Businesses like Terra sell chips made from yam and taro, two crops that are popular with consumers wanting to manage what they eat. However, you’ll have to charge more for them in order to make the same profit as with ordinary chips, which may turn some customers away.

Protein Bars

At vending machines where a lot of people are into exercise, protein bars sell quite well. Venues like fitness centers, workplaces with neighboring offices, or recreation centers. Protein bars must be available in your snack machines if there is even the slightest indication of a fitness culture at your workplace.

You may draw clients who are searching for a fast and easy snack that won’t ruin their diet by providing a selection of healthy snack options. To attract consumers who are concerned about their health, think about putting some of these healthy food alternatives in your vending machine.

Microwaveable Items

Items that can be microwaved are ideal for vending machines placed in workplaces or other locations where people are present all hours of the day. Many of these foods are ideal for fast lunches, and it’s simple to find customers who regularly purchase them in one place.

You can put the following products in your snack machine that can be microwaved:

1. Instant Noodles

Instant Noodles are a standard among foods that may be placed in a vending machine and heated in the microwave. They are simple to stock and have a large profit margin. The fact that they are accessible will be valued by the customers who purchase them. There are tastes available in chicken, beef, shrimp, and veggie varieties. Make sure the vegan/vegetarian audience can always receive the veggie taste.

2. Popcorn

Another common item in snack machines is microwaveable popcorn. They offer strong margins and are simple to stock. They’re especially well-liked in business settings; however some modest retail break rooms will also like them.

3. Mac and Cheese

A traditional comfort dish that takes only a short amount of time to make is macaroni and cheese. There are several tastes available, including classic, white cheddar, and bacon. People who want a quick and simple supper might choose mac & cheese.

4. Rice Bowls

For those seeking a more filling supper, rice bowls are a fantastic alternative. There are several tastes available, such as vegetable fried rice, beef with broccoli, and teriyaki chicken. Rice bowls are a terrific alternative for folks who are always on the go since they are quick and simple to make.


You might want to think about introducing a few non-snack goods in your vending machine in addition to the well-known snacks listed before. These will largely rely on the locale, and you won’t often be adding them.

Some of the several things are:

  • Masks
  • Hand-Sanitizer
  • Bandaids
  • Safety glasses
  • Ear Plugs

Miscellaneous components are frequently site-specific and are mostly introduced to fulfill local requirements. They will be very appreciative of your services since it demonstrates to the location that you are going above and beyond for them.


We really hope you found this advice beneficial.

There are additional options for you to please your consumers with snack machines even if it may be more difficult to fulfill for their needs.

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