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What Works When You Are Dealing With Oily Hair Dandruff and Scalp Build Up

by Victor

The majority of the population deals with dandruff at some point and over 75% have chronic itching, flaking and yes, scalp build up. However of the 3 the most important to deal with is the build up on the scalp. This can come in the form of crusty and hard sebum build up on the scalp and inside the hair follicles or it can be a soft white gunky that can coat the head in spots or be more general of diffuse. 

The build up is always accompanied with other scalp problems such as itching, redness, sores, and sometimes scabs. For those that want to get to the heart of the problem and create a healthy hair growth cycle and scalp skin that does not itch and flake it is important to deep cleanse the hair follicle. A Scalp Scrub will help to open up the top of the follicles where the root comes out of the top of the head. But very few products deep cleanse the hair root. The shampoo that most use to get rid of scalp sebum plugs so that hair can grow healthy again is Zinplex. 

Excess Sebum can actually harden down inside the hair follicle and this causes sebum plugs. The sebum plugs allow bacteria and scalp fungus to grow unchecked beyond the reach of most scalp cleansers. This is where the bad domino effect kicks in. Fungus on scalp causes the sebum glands to produce more scalp oils to try and expel it. However it can not so the oils actually end up feeding the fungus that is on the scalp. This condition is referred to as seborrheic dermatitis. Remember this all started because we did not deep cleanse the hair follicles on the scalp. A shampoo for scalp sebum an not only help to deep cleanse but also will help also detoxify and purify the hair follicle of fungus when the correct minerals and herb mixture is used.  Zincplex was formulated for excess scalp oils as well as to be the top scalp fungus shampoo for long term lasting results. Oily scalp and dandruff often go hand in hand. Blended herbs and zinc pca work to regulate the amount of sebum produced while removing sebum build up and plugs. 

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