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What Your Family Can Do for Others Facing Infertility

by Victor

Once you have started a family and seen how much joy that children can bring into your life, you might want every family to experience the same happiness that you have. However, many families struggle to conceive. If you worry about and want to help families who are struggling with infertility and who are desperate to become parents, here are some of the actions that you can take for other families who are only just starting out on their journey with infertility.

1.   Raise Money for Charity

One of the easiest and simplest steps that you can take to help others who are facing infertility is to get your family involved with fundraising. Raising money for charity can help you feel as if you are contributing to a good cause and that you are not sitting back and ignoring the problems and devastation that infertility can bring to families. You can even get your entire family involved in raising money for charity this year. First, you should find a charity that does a lot of good for people who are infertile, such as charities that conduct research into treatments, offer free grants for IVF, and give support to those struggling. You should make sure that they are legitimate and trustworthy, and you might even consider finding a charity that is local. Then, you should start up your fundraising campaign, which could include running a market stall whose profits go toward this good cause, performing a sponsored event, or hosting a fun event that can keep attendees entertained while helping the charity of your choice.

2.   Volunteer for a Non-Profit

If you want to go one step further, though, you should consider volunteering for a non-profit that specializes in infertility and related health issues. For instance, you could offer to host a support group for those who are infertile, use your own experience with infertility to run talks, or man a helpline for those who are struggling with the mental effects of infertility. By doing this, you will be able to feel as if you are playing an active part in helping those who cannot conceive and that you are not standing by and doing nothing to support them. You will also be able to give up your time, which can be a way to meet new people, learn more about infertility and see the impact you are having. This can also be the best option for those who cannot afford to give a donation to a charity of their choice.

3.   Separate Your Own Experiences

When you have a family of your own, it can be difficult to keep your own experiences out of the equation when you are talking to someone who is infertile, and, although you should not avoid the topic at all, you should be careful when you are discussing sensitive topics, such as the pregnancy of a spouse. It is vital that you do not hide this pregnancy from the person who is infertile, but that you tread carefully and talk about the topic in a sensitive way that will not dredge up trauma for them. You should also try not to give them advice, as each person’s circumstances are different, and you should especially avoid this if you have not been asked for advice or if you are not a medical professional.

4.   Offer Surrogacy

One of the top ways that your family can help those who are struggling with infertility is by offering certain services. For instance, you should support your wife or partner if she decides that she wants to become a surrogate, and you should not try to change her mind once she is aware of the risks of this. Becoming a surrogate is a job for the entire family, and you should make sure that you are there throughout the pregnancy and that you are ready to take on extra responsibilities around the house and in terms of your kids. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that your partner’s surrogacy journey is also your own and that the process goes smoothly. To make sure that you are fully supported with surrogacy and that you know what to expect and what it entails, you should consider looking around for organizations that can help women become surrogates if they want to be. You might also consider doing your part as a dad by considering sperm donation, as this could help LGBT couples and men who have a low sperm count to get the family that they desire.

5.   Raise Awareness of Infertility

There is a large stigma around infertility and miscarriage and a lot of people cover it up or do not like to talk about it. However, raising awareness of infertility and how common it is is important as this can help people to feel less alone and can be a great comfort. Not only this, but doing this can allow others to be more sensitive about the topic and will ensure that they know what to do when they or a friend is infertile. To make sure that infertility is not an unspoken secret around you, you should consider raising awareness by hosting talks at social groups, by sharing posts on social media from responsible sources, and by discussing the charities that you give support to. By doing this, you will be able to move forward the conversation about infertility and could even ensure that new treatments and solutions are constantly being researched and developed.

6.   Offer a Coffee and a Chat

You should also consider signing up to services that offer a coffee and a chat to those who are infertile or who are struggling with physical or mental health issues, which could be related to fertility. By doing this, you will be able to connect with people who are struggling and help them to see a brighter future, as well as support them in their time of need when they might not have any other friends that they can call on. You will also be able to fit this type of aid around your own schedule, and you might even enjoy putting the smile back on someone’s face.

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