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Which Is The Best Platform For Your Business, Shopify or Magento?

by Marketgit Team

 Every owner of an online company is aware of the difficulty in selecting the best eCommerce platform. You can effortlessly and effectively manage every part of your internet company by making the proper choice. The platform you choose might have a major impact on the short- and long-term success of your eCommerce company, from content creation to online shop management. Although there are several eCommerce systems available, Shopify and Magento are the most widely used.

Due to their exceptional qualities, these platforms now rule the eCommerce industry. For startups and small to medium-sized enterprises looking to jumpstart their eCommerce journey fast, Shopify is the greatest all-in-one platform. Magento, on the other hand, concentrates on creating an intricate eCommerce system for companies that want to grow.

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These are the top 5 things to suspect about when deciding which eCommerce platform is best for your company.

1. An easy-to-use payment gateway

Although online credit transactions are supported by both systems, Shopify has a significant advantage in terms of available payment gateways. This is significantly more than what Magento gives, supporting over 70 payment gateways with their default built-in option supplied. Although third-party add-ons may be used to add extra gateways to the Magento shop, Shopify is a more appealing and practical choice due to its 0% transaction costs.

2. Several Add-ons and Extensions

In several ways, extensions and add-on apps help to improve and increase the functionality of your online business. With over 5000 apps available, Magento has a significant edge over Shopify, which only provides over 100.

This is mostly due to the Magento platform’s expansive, community-driven, open-source design. Moreover, Magento enables you to get these apps with a single cost. However, Shopify operates on a subscription basis, requiring a monthly payment for usage.

3. Management of the backend

Although you may add an infinite number of products to both systems, Shopify’s backend system is easier to use. Shopify makes it simple to handle and maintain your online items, but Magento gives a more versatile foundation if you need to be able to change the backend administration. Magento allows for more customization.

Magento is not a hosted solution, therefore in addition to setting up your online shop, you would also need to choose your own hosting company. Both platforms are feasible choices with Linkitsoft specialists’ assistance since we provide thorough training and support to show you how to manage your online business efficiently.

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4. Safety

All websites need security, but eCommerce websites that accept online payments especially need it. Shopify is a cloud-based platform, yet it automatically encrypts your website and complies with PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) standards.

Shopify’s support staff has access to transactional data, therefore they are still vulnerable to attacks. Two rogue Shopify workers took over 100 businesses’ worth of data last year.

Your web hosting company is a key player in maintaining the security of your Magento business. It is mostly the responsibility of your development team to maintain your website secure, even if Magento offers fixes and timely upgrades for known security vulnerabilities. Entrust Linkitsoft with the security of your website with our all-inclusive website maintenance plan!

5. Price

Compared to Shopify, the initial setup fees for a Magento website are much greater. One important factor is that a skilled web developer is required to assist with the development and hosting of your website due to its more intricate structure.

Shopify is self-hosted, which saves money at first but binds you to the platform. As your business grows, Shopify makes it difficult to move to a new hosting provider.

It may be quite challenging to switch from Shopify to another platform, so carefully weigh your alternatives before choosing one. Magento costs you a one-time price for its apps and add-ons, but Shopify charges a monthly membership fee in order to utilize it.

Should you use Shopify Payments as your payment processor, there won’t be any transaction costs. The third-party payment gateway for Shopify will impose a transaction fee when using Magento.

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The Decision

The best eCommerce platform for you will rely on the needs of your company. Shopify may appear like the best option for small companies and startups right now. However, Shopify can wind up costing more if the business expands and offers additional items and functional requirements—like the ability to provide online promotions—over time.

You’ll need to install subscription-based extensions and improve your storage. Regarding Magento, the platform is designed to assist medium-sized to large-scale enterprises. Magento is a more versatile platform in the long term and enables you to incorporate more modules if you want to grow your company.

Linkitsoft is aware of the requirements for your online store.

Linkitsoft has been a well-known supplier of Shopify and Magento solutions for more than ten years, and it has built hundreds of successful eCommerce websites in Singapore. Our team of web specialists at Linkitsoft Design has extensive experience in web development, so we can provide you with services and solutions that complement your company and enhance the visibility of your website.

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