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Which Zurich Airport to Davos Taxis are Recommended?

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Traveling to Davos is an annual winter event, long on tradition and short on accommodation choices. In order to secure a room in the crowded town, most people book ahead well-ahead of time, so you’ve booked your flights and decided where to stay well before Christmas. Nevertheless, you have yet to purchase your Davos airport transfer when traveling from Zurich – often considered to be the easiest.

Zurich Airport to Davos Taxis

Davos is a ski town in the Alps and one of Switzerland’s major tourist attractions. There are many different domestic flights that lead to the airport, but the transfer process requires using mass transportation. If you’re not prepared with all details, it becomes difficult to determine which airline or taxicab is best.

Zurich airport to Davos transfer is an easy travel option for anyone coming to the world’s business and wellness capital of Europe. Taxis in Davos are fast, safe, and inexpensive. The taxi davos service is operated by reputable companies that want their travelers to feel comfortable on the road.

Zurich Airport to Davos Taxi is quite close by if you’re visiting previously mentioned locations. A taxi from the airport leaves every 15 minutes when international departure is expected. That taxi can take about 20-30 minutes for trips in Zürich, so if you want to extend your trip, joining a private car isn’t recommended considering the price of one private car. The journey takes approximately 45-60 minutes.

Taxi rates in the Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is the biggest airport in Switzerland, and the most important point of departure in the country. It is divided into two parts: Zurich-Stadelhofen and Zurich Main Station. Jeppesen made a recommendation for those using the airport’s taxi service, which are mainly found in the 1st part (which is more expensive). They recommend taxis from the area of Geisspeterplatz and for those coming from Area 3, 4 or 7 to use taxis from Stadelhofen Bahnhof.

Why should I use a car service?

It’s not necessary to hire a car service if you have your own set of wheels. However, you definitely want an airport pickup or drop-off experience that leaves you satisfied and impressed. 

Which Taxis in the Zurich Airport are recommended?

Setting yourself up for the most relaxing ride to Davos can be tricky at times. There are lots of taxi drivers waiting for their next fare and no clear answers on what kind of taxis the airport in Zurich offers. The best option would be hiring a private taxi because they offer you more security and flexibility.

What is the best Taxi company in Davos?

Geneva Airport is the closest Zurich Airport, but Davos Airport has the most convenient transportation. Often taxi companies in Davos receive poor reviews due to poor service, prices, or both. Noble Transfer is said to be reliable and affordable. VIP Cars Davos seems to have a good reputation overall with cheap fares that are easy on your wallet.

Is it safe to travel to Davos with a Taxi Company or is there an alternative?

One of the most difficult and stressful tasks you might have to attend to at Davos is traveling back and forth between Zurich airport and Davos- That is if you are not driving. In order to make things easier, it may be worth searching for a taxi or a bus company that gives a fair price, who will take care of your luggage and also accompany you on the road so as to avoid some of the stress.

Is it cheaper to use a Car Service vs. other methods of transportation?

The Taxi fare to Al Davos Airport is the most expensive transport route by a long shot. If you’re trying to save up at this point, consider not taking a taxi, but rather opting for the alternative methods of transport. In less than five minutes on the rail service or in one hour and 28 minutes on the bus trip, you may be able to save enough money for multiple flights!


The best working hours in Zurich Airport are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00 to 10:00 am.

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